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Enjin Halloween 2022 - Treasure Hunt!
Enjin Halloween 2022 - Treasure Hunt! Celebrate Halloween with Enjin and win exclusive, limited-edition Halloween-themed NFTs... Starting now! Join the Enjin Community and celebrate Halloween with our exciting quizzes and giveaways! Step 1: 🍬 Enjin Halloween Gleam Giveaway 🍬 Join this Gleam giveaway to win a Gleam-exclusive Halloween-themed Enjin NFT! The Top 1,000 participants who will accumulate the most number of points will be awarded additional prizes based on the following table: Top Participants Prize Top 1,000 (β€œTier 2”) 1 Exclusive NFT (backed by 1 ENJ) Top 100 (β€œTier 3”) 1 Exclusive NFT (backed by 10 ENJ) Step 2: πŸŽƒ Enjin Telegram Halloween Trivia πŸŽƒ Join the Enjin Telegram Community and participate in the Halloween Trivia Quiz to win a share of over 1,500 ENJ in Telegram-exclusive Halloween-themed NFTs! Join the Enjin Telegram Community for more details. Step 3: πŸ€ Enjin CoinMarketCap Lucky Draw πŸ€ 100 randomly selected participants who visit Enjin and Efinity CMC community pages as part of Step 1's Gleam giveaway will receive an additional Halloween-themed NFT. * We recommend using Google Chrome to participate in the giveaway, as you may encounter issues with other browsers. * Please turn on notification permissions under phone settings in the Enjin Wallet app, as you will be notified via app notification when the NFT has been successfully sent to your wallet. * Please allow two weeks for the NFT to appear in your wallet. * We will never ask you to send us cryptocurrency or sensitive information like your private keys. Please stay vigilant and safe. Entry Methods: * Sign Up For Our Newsletter * Enter your Enjin Wallet ENJ/ETH address * Follow @enjin on Twitter * Follow @efinityio on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Join Enjin | Efinity (Join in for Halloween Quiz Details!) on Telegram * Join Enjin's Discord Server * Visit/follow Enjin's CoinMarketCap Community Page * Visit/follow Efinity's CoinMarketCap Community Page * Refer Friends For Extra Entries