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ROO Airdrop Event: A Total of 100,000USD to GIVEAWAY! Get a FREE Exclusive Outfits, and Razer gear!
Event Period Until 8/21 14:00 AM (GMT+7) Event Rewards * First Prize (3 winners): Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro - Linear Optical Switch - US - Black / 250$ * Second Prize (10 winners): Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro - Black / 130$ * Third Prize (100 winners): Nyan Berry*300 / 8$ * Participation Prize (1 million winners): Diamonds *100+zeny *1,000 +Eden Coin *100,000+ Flourish Syrup Backwear *1 / 5-30$ Event Rules 1. Tasks: Complete 5 tasks. Each task gets you at least 1 point, with a total of 17 points up for claiming. 2. Lucky Rewards: Be quick! The first 50,000 adventurers to score 30 points will get a Lucky Reward. 3. Rally your Friend: 5 points per invited friend. 4. Account Limit: Each social media account can only be linked once. 5. Fairness Statement: Adventurers found using unfair methods, such as cheating or engaging in point farming, will be disqualified. 6. Contact Information: Adventurers need to provide a valid email and Discord ID for updates and rewards. 7. Winners Announcement: Winners will be announced on Gleam, Discord, and Facebook 3-5 days after the event ends. 8. Event Updates: Event content, schedule, and rewards may be adjusted according to actual conditions. Please stay tuned to our Discord and Facebook for the latest updates. 9. Reward Distribution: Provide us with your game ID, server name, in-game profile screenshot, and detailed mailing address within a week after the event ends through Discord chat. If the reward includes physical prizes, we will mail them within 60 business days. Please be patient as shipping may take some time. Entry Methods: * Join ROO Discord, be an adventurer * Visit Ragnarok Origin on Facebook * View Photo on Facebook * Visit Ragnarok Origin Global on YouTube * Download and launch ROO * Refer Friends For Extra Entries
ROO Pre-Registration Event! $1 million in-game items & HUAWEI phones await!!
Event Period Until 4/5 11:00 AM (GMT+7) Event Rewards * First Prize (10 winners): HUAWEI Mate 50 PRO (equivalent value $1,077); * Second Prize (20 winners): Razer Keyboard and Mouse Combo (equivalent value $200); * Third Prize (50 winners): Razer Gift Card (equivalent value $10); * Participation Prize (1 million winners): random gift code, which may contain extremely rare outfits (equivalent value $10 - $20) ! Event Rules 1. The first 50,000 adventurers who achieve 35 points will be guaranteed to receive a gift code. (Invite at least 5 friends to join the event to get more points!); 2. The email used for pre-registration must be valid in order to receive reward notifications. (Keep an eye on your spam/junk folders, too!); 3. The gift code from this event can only be redeemed once per account; 4. We will contact the winners within 30 days after the winner announcement; 5. The delivery of the physical prizes will take time. Please be patient. Entry Methods: * Pre-Register Ragnarok Origin * F.O.L.L.O.W the official Facebook page of ROOGlobal * View Story on Facebook * Join the official Discord server of ROOGlobal * Refer Friends For Extra Entries