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1,500 USDC.e Space Candy Store Candy Airdrop Event!
EVENT OVERVIEW Intella X is thrilled to invite you to our 1,500 USDC.e ‘Candy’ Airdrop Event, to celebrate the launch of our new platform service ‘Space Candy Store’! Learn more about Space Candy Store here! https://medium.com/intellax/space-candy-store-official-launch-start-of-beta-season-b7ef8862c8fe Note. Please be aware that the duration of the '1,500 USDC.e ‘Candy’ Airdrop Event' is independent from the first Beta Season period of the Space Candy Store. Space Candy Store - Beta Season : Dec 4th, 2023 - Jan 5th, 2024 1,500 USDC.e Candy Airdrop Event : Dec 7th, 2023 - Dec 22nd, 2023 📅 ENTRIES CLOSEDECEMBER 21ST, 18:00 UTC 🏆 WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT DECEMBER 22ND, 12:00 UTC 🎁REWARD221 X SPACE CANDY STORE 'CANDY' (VALUED AT 1500 USDCE) 🗳️How to Participate? * Complete all mandatory tasks (Follow @Teamintella on Twitter, RT Space Candy Store 'Candy' Airdrop event post and submit an Intella X Wallet Address) to be in the draw! * You can also complete 'Refer a Friend' mission up to 100 times to receive extra entries! What are ‘Candies’? ‘Candies’ are a unique currency at the Space Candy Store which you can use to play mini-games at SCS, earn redeemable NFTs of 6 different tiers and exchange (or ‘Burn’) them to receive various amounts of USDC.e. For this event, each ‘Candy’ can get you between 3 USDC.e to 100 USDC.e depending on your NFTs tier! 💱How to earn USDC.e with Space ‘Candies' Candies will be distributed to the winners' Intella X wallet addresses submitted through this Gleam form, prior to the winner announcement (12/22 12:00 UTC). Winners will be able to claim their ‘Candies’ by connecting their Intella X wallet they've provided through Gleam, to the Space Candy Store. Winners will then be able to use them to play the mini-games offered at the Space Candy store to earn NFTs and exchange those NFTs for USDC.e. We will provide more detailed video tutorials on how to earn USDC.e with ‘Candies’ along with the Winner Announcement on Twitter on December 22nd. 🚨Important Information * Each wallet address is eligible for only one win. * NFTs acquired through this event must be redeemed by their expiry date on January 19, 2024. * The personal information you provide through gleam will ONLY be used to select winners of the event and provide the 'Candy' reward. It willl not be used for other purposes. These information will be deleted upon the end of the '1,500 USDC.e ‘Candy’ Airdrop Event'. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on your chance to win a ‘CANDYlicious’ USDC.e! Entry Methods: * Follow @Teamintella on Twitter * Retweet @TeamIntella on Twitter * Submit your Intella X Wallet address! * Refer Friends For Extra Entries