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CATCH One of These Pokemons From JapanHaul!
The JapanHaul Pokemon gym is already closed! Here are the lucky new owners for these Pokemons: * Joel M * Lula R * Leevi H * dualbladesinmind * Alexa S Congratulations to the winners! Our team will get in touch with you soon, so please check your emails regularly! You will get one of these Pokemon below: (*prizes will be distributed at random and cannot be selected*) * Pikachu Christmas Wonderland Plushie * Scorbunny Christmas Wonderland Plushie * Lapras Nanoblock * Slowpoke Coin Purse * Mystery Pokemon Terrarium Collection If you haven’t won, don’t give up just yet! We will host another giveaway in February 2021 with a different theme! Stay tuned to our social media platforms and we’ll see you soon! 😉 Hunt the Pokemons Entry Methods: * Bonus Entries+free coupons: Use "JHPOKEMONBONUS" coupon to get $3 off from your purchase! * Shop at JapanHaul * Visit our website at japanhaul.com * Sign up for our Newsletter * How did you know about this giveaway from? * Refer Friends For Bonus Entries * Visit JapanHaul on Facebook * Share a photo of of a JapanHaul Pokemon Item using the hashtags #japanhaul #jhpokemongiveaway * Visit japanhaulofficial on Instagram * Share a photo of of a JapanHaul Pokemon Item using the hashtags #japanhaul #jhpokemongiveaway * Follow @japanhaul on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Share a photo of a JapanHaul Pokemon Item using the hashtags #japanhaul #jhpokemongiveaway * Bonus Entries: Visit and Follow TokyoTreat on TikTok! * Follow @wearesakuraco on Twitter * Visit wearesakuraco on Facebook * Visit wearesakuraco on Instagram * BONUS Entry: Subscribe to Sakuraco Newsletter!