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Ghost, Ghouls, & Giveaways!
Author Jen Stevens is teaming up with 30+ Amazing Authors for an epic Halloween Giveaway! 1st Place: A Kindle Paperwhite Bundle & $100 Amazon Gift Card 2nd Place: $75 Amazon Gift Card 3rd Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card 4th Place: A Signed Paperback of Calling Quarters by Author Jen Stevens Unfortunately this giveaway will be open to US Only. Winners will be contacted by Jen Stevens PA Stevie Schneider. **Entering in this giveaway you agree to sign up for the authors newsletters** Entry Methods: * Ghost, Ghouls, & Giveaways! #giveaway #win * Like Jen Stevens on Facebook * Like Breanna Lynn on Facebook * Like Mina Cole on Facebook * Like Willow Sanders on Facebook * Like Amanda Cuff on Facebook * Like Melora François on Facebook * Like Tanja Longoria on Facebook * Like Astra Rose on Facebook * Like January Rayne on Facebook * Like Veronica Lancet on Facebook * Like Shannon O'Connor on Facebook * Like Samantha Baca on Facebook * Like Brooklyn Sorenson on Facebook * Like Fancy Roberts on Facebook * Like TL Mayhew on Facebook * Like Mary Dean on Facebook * Like J. Akridge on Facebook * Like Liz Torri on Facebook * Like Tori Fox on Facebook * Like JC Brown on Facebook * Like Elizabeth Austin on Facebook * Like Evie Burks on Facebook * Like Avery Keelan on Facebook * Like Mercy Desimone on Facebook * Like Amity Malcom on Facebook * Like Sahara Roberts on Facebook * Like A.R. Break on Facebook - Www.Facebook.com/ar.breck * Like Liza James on Facebook * Like Ashton Brooks on Facebook * Like Suzanne Baltsar on Facebook * Like Lark Anderson on Facebook * Follow Breanna Lynn on Instagram! - authorbreannalynn * Follow Mina Cole on Instagram! - minacoleauthor * Follow Willow Sanders on Instagram! - authorwillowsanders * Follow Jen Stevens on Instagram! - authorjenstevens * Follow Amanda Cuff on Instagram! - authoramandacuff * Follow Melora Françios on Instagram! - melorafrancois * Follow Tanja Longoria on Instagram! - tanjalongoria * Follow me Astra Rose Instagram! - astrarose_author * Follow January Rayne on Instagram! - author_01rayne * Follow Veronica Lancet on Instagram! - authorveronicalancet * Follow Shannon O'Connor Instagram! - authorshannonoconnor * Follow Samantha Baca on Instagram! - author_samantha_baca * Follow Daria M. Loshlin on Instagram! - dariawrites20 * Follow Brooklyn Sorenson on Instagram! - author_brooklynsorenson * Follow Fancy Roberts on Instagram! - fancyrobertsauthor * Follow TL Mayhew on Instagram! - mayhewtl * Follow Mary Dean on Instagram! - authormarydean * Follow J Akridge on Instagram! - jakridgeauthor * Follow Liz Torri on Instagram! - liztorriauthor * Follow Tori Fox on Instagram! - ToriFoxBooks * Follow JC Brown on Instagram! - authorjcbrown * Follow Elizabeth Austin on Instagram! - elizabethaustinauthor * Follow Evie Burks on Instagram! - evs_late_night_shift * Follow Avery Keelan on Instagram! - averykeelan * Follow Mercy Desimone on Instagram! - mercydesimoneauthor * Follow Amity Malcom on Instagram! - amitymalcomwrites * Follow Sahara on Instagram! - sahararoberts * Follow A.R Breck on Instagram! - ar.breck * Follow Liza James on Instagram! - lizajamesauthor * Follow Ashton Brooks on Instagram! - authorashtonbrooks * Follow Suzanne Baltsar * Follow Jen Stevens on Tiktok! * Follow Breanna Lynn on Tiktok! * Follow Mina Cole on Tiktok! * Follow Willow Sanders on Tiktok! * Follow Amanda Cuff on Tiktok! * Follow Melora François on Tiktok! * Follow Astra Rose on Tiktok! * Follow January Rayne on Tiktok! * Follow Veronica Lancet on Tiktok! * Follow Shannon O' Connor on Tiktok! * Follow Samantha Baca on Tiktok! * Follow Daria M. Loshlin on Tiktok! * Follow Brooklyn Sorenson on Tiktok! * Follow Fancy Roberts on Tiktok! * Follow TL Mayhew on Tiktok! * Follow Mary Dean on Tiktok! * Follow J. Akridge on Tiktok! * Follow Liz Torri on Tiktok! * Follow Tori Fox on Tiktok! * Follow JC Brown on Tiktok! * Follow Elizabeth Austin on Tiktok! * Follow Evie Burks on Tiktok! * Follow Avery Keelan on Tiktok * Follow Mercy Desimone on Tiktok * Follow Amity Malcom on Tiktok! * Follow Sahara Roberts on Bookbub! * Follow A.R Breck on Tiktok! * Follow Liza James on Tiktok! * Follow Ashton Brooks on Tiktok! * Follow Suzanne Baltsar on Tiktok! * Follow Lark Anderson on Tiktok!