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So Many New Worlds in 2024
Welcome! This January, a group of nine authors got together to celebrate new worlds in the new year! AND WE ARE INVITING YOU to join us for this special event to celebrate the New Year! (You thought all the celebrating was over and it was time to buckle down again! You thought wrong!!) We'd love to start the new year with you! If you love clean or Christian Fantasy or Science Fiction then this event is designed specifically for you! Join us as we hype the exciting new worlds from each of the NINE authors for 2024! Don't miss this event! There are only 8 days to enter and collect additional entries to win! The final Saturday of January all prizes will be awarded at 1 pm CST! A New Year's Party of New Worlds! We will have: 🥳a King Sumo giveaway (8 days long) with three incredible prizes 🥳During the 8 days, you can follow the virtual tour through each author's Facebook group page (January 20-27) 🥳A scavenger hunt for along the tour (Each participant will post {hide} something in their group page for hunters to find, and pin a welcome/next-stop-on-the-scavenger-hunt post) 🥳Be there LIVE for the Saturday, January 27th announcement where we will giveaway three separate prizes. 1. Book-Themed Swag Bundle Giveaway 2. Book Giveaway AND 3. A Grand Prize Amazon Gift Card I'm J. L. Burrows, author of the Balance Keepers Series and Shadow Demons Series, and I'm running this giveaway. I love working with and getting together with other awesome authors and readers of fantastic worlds in fantasy and science fiction. Entry Methods: * So Many New Worlds in 2024 * Like Trista Shaye on Facebook! * Like J. L. Burrows on Facebook! * Like Pam Halter on Facebook! * Like Tabitha Corvin on Facebook! * Follow J. L. Burrows on Instagram! - jlburrowsauthor * Follow Tabitha Corvin on Instagram! - steampunk_tales * Follow Trista Shaye on Instagram! - tristashaye * Follow Candice Yamnitz on Instagram! - candiceyamnitz * Click here every day for more entries! * Join J. L. Burrows' Newsletter * Like Amy Walsh on Facebook! * Like Candice Pedraza Yamnitz on Facebook! * Like Erin R. Howard on Facebook! * Follow Amy Walsh on Instagram! - amylynn_walsh * Follow Michelle Levigne on Instagram! - MichelleLevigne * Follow Erin R. Howard on Instagram! - erinrhoward * Join Erin R. Howard's Newsletter! * Join Michelle Levigine's Newsletter! * Join Ben Avery's Newsletter! * Join Pam Halter's Newsletter! * Join Tabitha Corvin's Newsletter! * Join Trista Shaye's Newsletter! * Join Candice Pedraza Yamnitz's Newsletter! * Join Amy Walsh's Newsletter! * Like Michelle Levigne on Facebook! * Like Ben Avery on Facebook!