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JIGSTACK, THE DAO OF DEFI 🥳 We’re glad to celebrate with you the opening of our Discord server! We will distribute 500 USDT among 10 winners that will be announced within our Discord server on May 20th. 💸 Each of them will receive 50 USDT ( BEP2)! ❓ WHY DISCORD ❓ Discord represents the best social platform to manage the Jigstack DAO, thanks to its UX and user-friendly dashboard. This doesn't mean that Telegram will be closed down. However, Telegram has only one chat, and important messages could be lost from some users. Discord, on the other hand, allows us to create lots of channels and divide them depending on the topic. For example, we’ll create a unique chat for Lemonade, a unique one for Jigstack, one to give us feedback and so on. We also created a #channel-guide section where you’ll find everything you need to start off with our Discord channel. Also, you’ll find there every new update regarding new channel creation, for example when we launch new products Santa or The Gallery, etc. Besides, we’ll be able to manage new proposals for the DAO through Discord. When the DAO will be active, $STAK holders will be allowed to vote for new proposals and choose those that satisfy their needs to be implemented in the protocol. Last but not least, we’ll provide new different languages chat besides apart from English! At the moment, you’ll be able to chat in Russian, Italian, German, Dutch, and French! ⚠️ATTENTION⚠️ Only users who complete this activity will be able to receive the airdrop! The anti-bot check has been added to our Discord server. To confirm you’re a human and to enter correctly into the Jigstack Server follow these instructions: 1. Log in to your account and enter the server. 2. As soon as you log in you will only see the channel #start-here 3. React to the ✅ to get verified and to gain access to the Jigstack server! 4. And BOOM! Lots of channels will be available for you in a matter of a second (there will be even more soon 😎) Entry Methods: * Enter using Twitter * Enter using Discord * Join Jigstack DISCORD * Follow @jigstack on Twitter * Follow @Lemonade_DeFi on Twitter * Retweet @jigstack on Twitter * Join Telegram ANN JIGSTACK * Join Telegram ANN Lemonade * Join Telegram ANN Lemonade
Bitcoin.com Exchange X Jigstack - 1000$ STAK Social Media Contest/Giveaway
We’re excited to be among the first exchanges to list STAK, the native token of the Jigstack platform that is looking to make DeFi products easier, more accessible, and governed by their users. To celebrate this listing, we’re running a Social Media Contest where we’re giving away $1000 in STAK in total to 20 winners. So you can win $50 in the Jigstack governance token. Starting on Thursday, 10th of June at 14:00 UTC - 15th of June at 14:00 UTC. FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN: 1. Retweet our Tweet 2. Drop your best STAK meme in the comments (twitter post) 3. Follow @BitcoinComExch and @Jigstack 4. Join TG Bitcoin.com Exchange and Jigstack We will reach out to the winners via Twitter DM or by tagging them so, keep an eye on your notifications/DMs. Good luck! TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Participants shall not change their Twitter handle within 5 days after the end of the contest, as this will serve to confirm their participation. Fake accounts and bots are not eligible for the contest. We will reach out to winning participants within 7 days after the end of the contest via Twitter DM or by tagging them in our announcement post. To receive the Reward, winners will need to create an account on Bitcoin.com Exchange and share the email address with us that was used to register for the account. Winners will have 7 days after the winner’s announcement to claim their rewards. Entry Methods: * Retweet @BitcoinComExch on Twitter * Follow @jigstack on Twitter * Follow @BitcoinComExch on Twitter * Join TG Bitcoin.com Exchange * Join TG Jigstack