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Make me a Comic Strip Character in "The Recruiting Life!"
The Recruiting Life is a whimsical view of the world of work that aspires to educate and entertain. It is a comic strip and newsletter that is published every Monday. We just crossed a milestone of 5,000+ subscribers! (Yay!) To celebrate, we are launching our first contest! (Drumroll please.) Get ready to step into the world of "The Recruiting Life" like never before! We're excited to announce our latest contest, where one lucky winner will become a character in our popular comic strip. That's right, you could see yourself immortalized in the pages of "The Recruiting Life" alongside our cast of hilarious characters. Whether you're a seasoned recruiter or simply a fan of the series, this is your chance to get involved and make your mark on the world of recruiting. But that's not all! The winner will also receive a personalized poster featuring the comic strip they appeared in, so you can show off your new role to friends, family, and coworkers. (Wow!) Is that everything? NO. When you enter the contest you will also be added to my newsletter list which comes with an extra prize, an eBook filled with 150+ "The Recruiting Life" comics from my personal archives. Some have not been seen in over a decade!!! So what are you waiting for? Enter the contest now! We'll be selecting a winner at random, so everyone has an equal chance of becoming a part of our comic strip universe. The official announcement will be made in The Recruiting Life newsletter on April 3rd. Entry Methods: * Make me a Comic Strip Character in "The Recruiting Life!" #giveaway #win * Follow me on Twitter! - jimstroud * Follow me on Instagram! - jimstroud * Follow me on LinkedIn * Subscribe to my channel on YouTube!