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Win a WL for the AI drop !
Try to win a whitelist by following the instructions given in the form. Entry Methods: * Retweet @kalissaparis on Twitter * Retweet @kalissaparis on Twitter * Follow @KalissaParis on Twitter * Your e-mail
Try to win a place on the white list for the Kalissa X Adamantium drop
Fill out the form to try your luck at being put on the white list on drop day! Only real investors will be considered. *Nothing is free; the drop is not free. Entry Methods: * Answer a Question: Would you like to purchase our drop in collaboration with Adamantium? * Answer a Question: Mentioned two points that make the strength of Kalissa * Answer a Question: what is the main focus of Adamantium ? * Visit This Page to Enter * Visit This Page to Enter * Join @AdamantiumChat on Telegram * Join @kalissaofficial on Telegram * Your wallet address (BEP20)
Buy and Stake
Buy $KALI and put them in staking with a daily rhythm to win the contest. Contract of the $KALI : 0x950481789959cd6D77F1b88C2e1F61e30608c4E2 Buy $KALI on Pancake Swap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x950481789959cd6D77F1b88C2e1F61e30608c4E2 Staking : https://kalissa.io/staking/ Web site : www.kalissa.io Entry Methods: * Your wallet (BEP20 ONLY) * Buying 2000 KALI minimum * Stake ! * Like comment and retweet on all our new posts * Join @kalissaofficial on Telegram * Join @kalissaFRANCE on Telegram * Follow @KalissaParis on Twitter * Join our Discord * Visit Kalissa.io
Kalissa Shill Contest
Four (4) contestants would be chosen to win $25 in BUSD each from the shill contest organized by kalissa. All you have to do is promote Kalissa through tweets that you will have to make everyday for a week. Good luck to all. Entry Methods: * Follow @KalissaParis on Twitter * Vote for kalissa on the tweet below! * Make a tweet mentioning us * Join @kalissaOfficial on Telegram * Visit This Page to Enter * BEP20 Adress