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Kanga Laptop GIVEAWAY!
Be in the draw to win a brand new ASUS Chromebook with 2 runners-up winning 1 month of Discord Nitro each!  The perfect gift for any student looking to finish the semester with a bang! Entry Methods: * Join the WYWM Discord! * Sign up and get your culture fit report! * Tell us your Culture Fit Archetype! * Follow ShrimpyMelon on Twitch * Follow nicktacula on Twitch * Follow pappieric on Twitch * Follow qaekz on Twitch * Follow smolcosmic on Twitch * Follow emmycosplay on Twitch * Subscripe to Pappieric! * Subscripe to Nicktacula! * Subscripe to Emmy Cosplays! * Subscripe to Smolcosmic! * Subscripe to Qaekz! * Bonus for Twitch subscribers * Retweet @KangaEsports on Twitter * Follow @emmycosplays on Twitter * Follow @Nicktacula on Twitter * Follow @PappiEric on Twitter * Follow @qaekz on Twitter * Follow @SmolCosmic on Twitter * Follow @ShrimpyMelon on Twitter * Retweet @KangaEsports on Twitter * Follow @KangaEsports on Twitter * Visit emmycosplayss on Instagram * Visit theqaekz on Instagram * Visit pappierictv on Instagram * Visit nicktacula on Instagram * Visit smolcosmic on Instagram * Visit ShrimpyMelon_ on Instagram * Visit KangaEsports on Instagram * Visit thegameexpo on Instagram * Follow @thegameexpo on Twitter * Join the Kanga Discord! * Visit Kanga Esports on Facebook * Visit The Game Expo - TGX on Facebook * Click For a Daily Bonus Entry! * Enter the Secret Code!
GIGABYTE 28" 4k Monitors Giveaway!
Check out this awesome giveaway thanks to Gigabyte/AORUS and WYWM! Entry Methods: * Learn more about the GIGABYTE M28U monitor * Join the WYWM Discord * Create an WYWM account * What is your WYWM archetype? * Find out more about GIGABYTE AORUS 4K monitors * 100 Bonus entries! * Visit The Game Expo on YouTube * Follow @thegameexpo on Twitter * Visit thegameexpo on Instagram * Visit TheGameExpo on Facebook * Follow thegameexpo on Twitch * Follow The Game Expo on TikTok
Trunoom 10,000 Apex Coins Giveaway
Entry Methods: * Follow @TruNoom on Twitter * Join the giveaway discord server! * Create an WYWM account * Enter your WYWM Archetype