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April Fantasy Romance Ebook Giveaway
15 Fantasy Romance writers have come together to offer one lucky winner an amazing bundle of 15 ebooks. This giveaway is open internationally. All you have to do to enter is follow each of the authors listed below. Each follow acts as an entry. The more you follow, the more chances you will have to win! Please note - by supplying your email and ticking the consent to information sharing box, you give full consent for your email to be added to the mailing list of each author mentioned below. You can unsubscribe from any, if you'd like, though we hope you won't. If you win this giveaway, you will be contacted by Kayleigh Reid from Moorview Author Services. You will be asked to confirm your entry into the competition, and both an email and kindle email for your ebooks to be sent. You will be contacted a maximum of three times, if you do not respond within 48 hours of the final email the winner will be redrawn. YOU WILL NEVER BE ASKED TO PROVIDE BANK OR CARD DETAILS. You will only ever be contacted using the email you provided when you signed up, never via social media. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to Kayleigh Reid at kayleigh@moorviewauthorservices.com . Please do not contact participating authors directly. The authors taking part in this giveaway, whose email list you agree to be added to, are: * Marilyn Marks * Kate King * Luna May * Madeleine Eliot * Raven Hush * Olivia Faye * Candace Robinson * Geneva Monroe * K. Rose * Joanna Reeder * Amber R. Duell * Anita Clenney * Elie Waters * Elle Lincoln * Fay Bec Entry Methods: * April Fantasy Romance Ebook Giveaway #giveaway #win * Follow Marilyn Marks on Instagram! - marilynmarksauthor * Follow Kate King on Instagram! - katekingauthor * Follow Luna May on Instagram! - lunamay.author * Follow Madeleine Eliot on Instagram! - madeleineeliotwrites * Follow Raven Hush on Instagram! - ravenhushshifters * Follow Olivia Faye on Instagram! - oliviafayeauthor * Follow Candace Robinson on Instagram! - candacerobinsonbooks * Follow Geneva Monroe on Instagram! - geneva_monroe_author * Follow K. Rose on Instagram! - k.rose_author * Follow Joanna Reeder on Instagram! - joanna_reeder * Follow Amber R. Duell on Instagram! - amberrduell * Follow Anita Clenney on Instagram! - anitawhiteclenney * Follow Elie Waters on Instagram! - eliewaters * Follow Elle Lincoln on Instagram! - ellelincolnauthor * Follow Fay Bec on Instagram! - faybecbooks * Like Marilyn Marks on Facebook! * Like Kate King on Facebook! * Like Luna May on Facebook! * Like Raven Hush on Facebook! * Like Olivia Faye on Facebook! * Like Candace Robinson on Facebook! - Facebook.com/literarydust * Like Geneva Monroe on Facebook! * Like K. Rose on Facebook! - Www.facebook.com/kroseauthor * Like Joanna Reeder on Facebook! * Like Amber R. Duell on Facebook! - facebook.com/amberRDuellAuthor * Like Anita Clenney on Facebook! * Like Elle Lincoln on Facebook! * Join Luna May’s Facebook Group! * Join Kate King’s Facebook Group! * Join Madeleine Eliot‘s Facebook Group! * Join Raven Hush‘s Facebook Group! * Join Olivia Faye‘s Facebook Group! * Join Candace Robinson‘s Facebook Group! - Facebook.com/groups/candacesprettymonsters * Join Geneva Monroe‘s Facebook Group! * Join Joanna Reeder‘s Facebook Group! * Join Anita Clenney‘s Facebook Group! * Join Elie Water’s Facebook Group! * Join Elle Lincoln‘s Facebook Group! * Follow Marilyn Marks on Tiktok! * Follow Kate King on Tiktok! * Follow Luna May on Tiktok! * Follow Olivia Faye on Tiktok! * Follow Candace Robinson on Tiktok! * Follow K. Rose on Tiktok! * Follow Amber R. Duell on Tiktok! * Follow Elie Waters on Tiktok! * Follow Elle Lincoln On Tiktok! * Follow Fay Bec on Tiktok * Follow Marilyn Marks on Amazon * Follow Kate King on Amazon * Follow Luna May on Amazon * Follow Madeleine Eliot On Amazon * Follow Raven Hush on Amazon * Follow Olivia Faye on Amazon * Follow Candace Robinson on Amazon * Follow Geneva Monroe on Amazon * Follow K. Rose on Amazon * Follow Joanna Reeder on Amazon * Follow Amber R. Duell on Amazon * Follow Anita Clenney on Amazon * Follow Elle Lincoln on Amazon * Follow Fay Bec on Amazon * Follow Marilyn Marks on Bookbub * Follow Luna May on Bookbub * Follow Raven Hush on Bookbub * Follow Olivia Faye on Bookbub * Follow Candace Robinson on Bookbub * Follow Geneva Monroe on Bookbub * Follow K. Rose on Bookbub * Follow Joanna Reeder on Bookbub * Follow Amber R. Duell on Bookbub * Follow Anita Clenney on Bookbub * Follow Elle Lincoln on Bookbub * Follow Fay Bec on Bookbub