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XTUGA P83 Reflection Filter
We are giving away this brand new XTUGA P83/85 Microphone Reflection Filter! This is the perfect reflection filter for you if you are in an untreated acoustic space or if your room just has a little bit more reflections than you hoped for than this is for you. This is a portable reflection filter so you can fold it up and put it right in your backpack and take it wherever you need to go. 1ELIMINATE NOISE INTERFERENCE: High-quality Acoustic sound absorbing foam insulation sound diffusion reduces noise and room ambiance to Create An optimal recording condition in many situations. 2 FLEXIBILITY & CONVENIENCE: The 3-panel design features 2 foldable end panels; The 5-panel design features 4 foldable end panels, allow for angle adjustments, giving you optimal insolation. Compact design, lightweight construction as well as foldability allow you to carry it easily and take along wherever you go. 3 EASY TO USE: The microphone isolation shield can be fixed on a desk or tabletop, and also can be mounted to a microphone stand. Perfect for professional vocal/acoustic recording and podcasting sound booth. 4 NON-SLIP STABILITY FEET: Prevent sliding, and the entire booth mounts to your microphone stand with a sturdy clamp system. 5 MIC THREADED MOUNT: Providing extra protection and stability when used in desktop mode This giveaway ends on February 28, 2023! **Giveaway for U.S. only. Entry Methods: * XTUGA P83 Reflection Filter #giveaway #win * Follow me on Instagram! - Keef_keyz * Subscribe to my channel on YouTube! * Click here every day for more entries!
AKG K175 Headphones
I asked around and asked over 1,000 people to what I should giveaway next. A lot of people said HEADPHONES! So what I'm doing is giving away the headphones that I swear by! It's the AKG k175! Now there are a million different types of headphones and price ranges of headphones you can buy. When it comes to picking out a set of headphones that's a one-size-fits-all, you want to be selective especially with music production. The AKG Kk175 isn't the most expensive headphone ever but the sound you get is amazing for the price. If you are recording vocals in your own home studio, you will be amazed with the clarity and the sound isolation, you get no noise bleed into your microphone. If you want to just listen to music on a regular basis, you're welcome... you're welcome! Its not often you get a quality headphone that has amazing build quality. If you would like to win the headphones you have subscribe to my YouTube channel or Instagram! By the way I'm giving away 2 PAIRS OF HEADPHONES MEANING 2 WINNERS! Over the last 70 years, the AKG name has become synonymous with quality, and their K175 Closed-back Foldable Headphones are a credit to their namesake. Every critical component of these cans is made of durable metal. They're designed to withstand everything from being packed in your travel bag to being dropped onstage (although we hope that doesn't happen). The K175's slow-retention on-ear foam pads feel good during even the longest sessions, and their 40mm transducers express every sonic nuance, even at low frequencies. This giveaway ends on 02/28/21 at midnight! *Please note this giveaway is only for contestants who live in the the U.S. Entry Methods: * AKG K175 Headphones #giveaway #win * Click here every day for more entries! * Subscribe to my channel on YouTube! * Follow me on Instagram! - keef_keyz * Visit Our Site * Free- Download Beats/Ebook/Tips * Like us on Facebook!
AKG P120 - Studio Microphone
*U.S. Residents only By popular demand the giveaway is back and another microphone giveaway. Here we have the AKG P120 Studio Condenser Microphone! Now like the headphones we just gave away we want to give away affordable but high quality tools that will help you on your music journey. Over the last 70 years, the AKG name has become synonymous with quality, and their P120 Studio Microphone is a credit to their namesake. I use the bigger brother microphone, the P220, all the time for rap vocals and background vocals and I am very surprised with the sound that actually comes from such an affordable microphone! It's made of metal and good quality and it's light it's very solid. This giveaway starts April 20th 2021 and ends Friday May 21, 2021! Entry Methods: * AKG P120 - Studio Microphone #giveaway #win * Follow me on Instagram! - @Keef_keyz * Subscribe to my channel on YouTube! * Watch my YouTube video! * Click here every day for more entries! * 10 Free Beats, Ebook, Recording Tips
Free Blue Spark Microphone Giveaway
I am giving away one of my favorite and long-used studio microphones, the Blue Spark Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone (Orange). This microphone has served me well for so many years and I have completed so many records with it. I upgraded a lot of gear and microphones in my studio and I actually was selling this microphone. I recently took it off the market because I actually wanted to bless someone with it and give it away. The microphone works perfectly! There are no mechanical issues with the microphone at all. The only cosmetic issue is the grill on the mic is a little dented on the side of it. The microphone comes with the original box, pop filter and the shock mount. The microphone is FREE, I'm just asking that you pay for shipping & handling. This giveaway starts 12:00 am on Friday, December 18th and will end on December 31st at midnight! The winner will be awarded on January 2, 2021! Good look to all of the contestants, thank you for entering, thank you for trusting me with your music! www.keefkeyz.com Entry Methods: * Free Blue Spark Microphone Giveaway #giveaway #win * Click here every day for more entries! * Subscribe to my channel on YouTube! * Follow me on Instagram! - keef_keyz
2 - Mackie CR5-X Studio Monitors
*U.S. Giveaway only Keef Keyz Productions is giving away 2 pairs of Mackie CR5-X 5 inch studio monitors! Mackie CR5-X Multimedia Monitors put studio-quality sound right on your desktop at a great value. Mackie have earned their reputation for quality studio monitoring over the years, and CR5-X Multimedia Monitors are just as suitable for multimedia production as they are for gaming and casual listening. Musicians appreciate the convenient front-panel headphone output for private listening sessions, and a range of inputs are ready to accept signal from your computer, audio interface, or portable device. Whether you're outfitting an editing studio, or simply looking to upgrade your desktop listening experience, you'll be impressed with Mackie CR5-X Multimedia Monitors. Entry Methods: * Mackie CR5-X Studio Monitors #giveaway #win * Join Our Email List * Download Independent Artist Bundle (Free beats, recording tips, EBook) * Subscribe to my channel on YouTube! * Click here every day for more entries! * Follow me on Instagram! - keef_keyz * Watch my YouTube video!