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2022 Debut Romance Author Giveaway
HOW INCREDIBLE WOULD IT BE TO SAY YOU HAVE A SIGNED ORIGINAL COPY OF YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR'S DEBUT BOOK? One lucky winner will receive a signed paperback (or paperback with signed bookplate) from each of the participating Authors of their debut novel PLUS a 6-month KU subscription from KJ Author Services. This giveaway is open internationally. All you have to do to enter is follow the authors below. Each follow acts as an entry. List of Participating Authors: Miranda May Jenn Bullard P.H. Nix Kay Wilder Katina J Rose Brittany Wright Allie Lasky Cara Bryant Khushi T. Saha Elice Nange January Rayne Cassandra Joy G.R. Loreweaver N.A. Jameson K. Rose S.J. Ransom Aisling Cousins Sophia Nixs Emmy Elouise Jade Dollston AK Landow Callie Sutcliffe Nicole Abrams Kate McWilliams Margaux Porter Steph Macca Please note - by entering, even if you only follow one author, you give full consent to be added to the mailing lists of all the authors as well as KJ Author Services Master List. You are free to unsubscribe at any time, although we hope that you won’t! If you win this giveaway, you will receive an email from KJ Author Services. You will be asked to provide proof of entry to confirm you are the prize winner, and you are required to email back with the proof within five days. Failure to do so may result in the prize being redrawn and a new winner announced. If you want to confirm the validity of the email, you can contact the organizer Kelly Raber directly at kellyjeanvpa@gmail.com or on any of her social media platforms. Please keep your eye on spam, or add the email above to your trusted sender list. If you email back after the date specified on the email, you will not be eligible for the prize as a new winner will already have been drawn and notified. If you have any issues, please reach out to Kelly Raber at the email mentioned above. Anyone found to be contacting the authors in this giveaway, to send harmful or abusive messages, will be removed from this giveaway, and banned from all future events. Entry Methods: * 2022 Debut Romance Author Giveaway #giveaway #win #romanceauthors #debutauthors #indieauthors * Like KJ Author Services on Facebook! * Follow KJ Author Services on Instagram! - kjauthorservices * Follow KJ Author Services on TikTok! * Follow Miranda May on Instagram! - mirandamayauthor * Join Miranda May's Facebook Group! * Follow Miranda May on TikTok! * Join Jenn Bullard's Facebook Group * Follow Jenn Bullard on Instagram! - author_jenn_bullard * Follow Jenn Bullard on TikTok! * Follow P.H. Nix on TikTok! * Join P.H. Nix's Facebook group! * Follow P.H. 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