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Kelphelp GiveAway! | FREE Resident Evil Village STEAM Code | Sponsored by Capcom!
Welcome to the Kelphelp Giveaway for a FREE code of Resident Evil Village, code given courtesy of Capcom! Here are the rules! * A STEAM copy of Resident Evil Village will be given, so you must have a Steam account to accept reward. * Code is most likely a US code from Capcom themselves, so keep that in mind. * Give away will be for one month giving enough time to get entry. * If you are using bot accounts or duplicates I WILL KNOW! I can easily tell who are bots and who is a genuine entry, so don't waste your time AND mine by using a bot. * Same goes for Twitter Repost accounts, I never count these at all. If your account is solely based on retweeting contests I won't pick you. Simple as that. I want this to go to someone who will play and enjoy this. * The winner will be announced on Livestream (will announce date). You do not need to be present to receive reward, but you NEED to respond within 24 hours, or a new winner will be drawn. Please keep updated with my Twitter @KelphelpOG so the correct winner receives their prize! * After winner is selected, I will DM via Twitter so please make sure to have DMs open, and show proof you are subscribed to "Kelphelp" on Youtube to claim the prize. * If you won the code and have any problems with it being accepted, please let me know so I can contact Capcom ASAP to get you a code. Finally good luck everyone, and may the best winner enjoy their copy! Thank you all for being such great people, and I hope you enjoy this give away! Entry Methods: * Follow @kelphelpOG on Twitter * Visit kelphelp on Instagram * Visit Kelphelp on YouTube * Retweet @KelphelpOG on Twitter
Kelphelp Giveaway! | Win Free Copy of Mario 64 Shindou & Mario Sunshine + Galaxy Poster (MY NINTENDO VERSIONS)
Enter to win a physical copy of Super Mario 64 Shindou Edition along with two My Nintendo Sunshine & Galaxy Posters that are currently sold out. I'll keep you posted on my Twitter what else will I add! One lucky winner will receive a copy for their N64. Free shipping via US w/ tracking. Unfortunately, the give away is not worldwide, only US. Later giveaways will do worldwide. Here are the rules 1. Twitter follow and Youtube follow are both MANDATORY to enter 2. Afterward, you can select as many entries as you possibly can 3. No dummy or bot accounts, please. I will thoroughly check the winner and make sure there are no remnants of give away repostings or recent account creation. Very simple for me to check your authenticity, so don't waste your time making multiple accounts. 4. Winner will be announced on my Twitter (Twitter.com/KelphelpOG). If the winner does not contact me within 24 hrs, a new winner will be picked and announced on Twitter. 5. Winner MUST provide a screenshot that their account is following the "Kelphelp" Youtube Page by either DMing me on Twitter, or email (kelphelpOG@gmail.com). 6. If the winner, please also send me the address you would wish me to send your prize to! I will give you tracking confirmation when it ships so you can see where it is during its travels. 7. Finally, have fun, and enjoy yourselves! This give away is all in good clean fun so want to make sure it goes to a good home. Feel free to ask any questions on Twitter. I won't answer questions on my Youtube comments. Contest ends Thursday 12/31 11:59PM PST. I wish you all the best of luck, and may Mario 64 be forever in your heart. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all of you guys! Entry Methods: * Entry Confirmed - More Ways to Enter Below * Follow kelphelp on Twitch * Visit kelphelp on Instagram * Follow @kelphelpOG on Twitter * Visit Kelphelp on YouTube