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Romance Author Follow Party
Follow these romance authors and keep up to date with all their latest book releases. One winner will be selected to win: (3)Three ebooks of their choice (selected from the participating authors (1) $65 Amazon.com gift card and Other Kissing Springs swag. Entry period: May 15 through 31, 2023. Winner selected and notified by email June 1, 2023. Good Luck! Entry Methods: * Romance Author Follow Party #giveaway #win * Click here every day for more entries! * Join the Kissing Springs Reader Group on Facebook * Follow the Kissing Springs Book Babes on Amazon * Get a Free ebook sampler from Kissing Springs * Subscribe to Kissing Springs Newsletter * Get a Free short story from Lani Blake * Follow Lani Blake on Amazon * Join Lani Blake on Facebook! * Follow Lani Blake on BookBub * Get a Free ebook from Zee Irwin * Follow Zee Irwin on Amazon * Follow Zee Irwin on Bookbub * TBR Sunshine & Secrets * Get a Free ebook from Ellen Brooks * Follow Ellen Brooks on Amazon * Follow Ellen Brooks on Bookbub * TBR Sunshine & Sass * Join Harper Ashley Newsletter * Follow Harper Ashley on Amazon * Follow Harper Ashley on Bookbub * Follow Harper Ashley on TikTok * Get a free story from Tiki Paige * Follow Tiki Paige on Amazon * Follow Tiki Paige on Instagram! - tikipaigewriter * Get a Free book from Joi Jackson * Follow Joi Jackson on Amazon * Follow Joi Jackson on Bookbub * TBR Sunshine & Silk Boxers * Join Linzi Basset Newsletter * Follow Linzi Basset on Amazon * Follow Linzi Basset on Bookbub * Follow Linzi Basset on Instagram! - linzibasset * Join M. R. Becker Newsletter * Follow M. R. Becker on Bookbub * Follow M. R. Becker on Amazon * TBR Sunshine & Shadows * Subscribe to Katherine Cobb * Follow Katherine Cobb on Amazon * Follow Katherine Cobb on Bookbub * Follow Katherine Cobb on Goodreads * Get a Free ebook from Grace Grahme * Follow Grace Grahme on Amazon * Follow Grace Grahme on Bookbub * TBR Sunshine & Scandals * Get a Free story from Danni Williams * Follow Danni Williams on Amazon * Like Danni Williams on Facebook * Follow Danni Williams on Instagram! - danniwilliamsauthor * More FREE Stories Here * Join Tracy Broemmer's newsletter * Follow Tracy Broemmer on Amazon * Follow Tracy Broemmer on Bookbub * TBR Sunshine & Soulmates * Join Theresa Sederholt Newsletter * Follow Theresa Sederholt on Amazon * Follow Theresa Sederholt on Bookbub * Follow Theresa Sederholt on Instagram! - theresa_sederholt_author * Get a Free ebook from Britney Bell * Follow Britney Bell on Amazon * Follow Britney Bell on Bookbub * TBR Sunshine & Sidelines * Join Annie Rae's Newsletter * Follow Annie Rae on Amazon * Follow Annie Rae on Bookbub * TBR Sunshine & Sabotage * Join Kristin Lee's Newsletter * Follow Kristin Lee on Amazon * Follow Kristin Lee on Bookbub * TBR Sunshine & Saddles * Get more books here!