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Proof-of-Change - The Komori Tree Planting Competition
Project Galaxy vs. Magic Eden vs. Vera Harnessing the power of Web 3 communities to reforest our planet! To enter: * Simply complete ALL 4 tasks below (by clicking on each of them) to earn a limited edition "Proof-of-Tree" NFT! (If you are already following a project's Twitter/Discord, still click it; the check mark will turn blue after each task is completed) * This is a competition between Project Galaxy, Magic Eden and Vera to see which project can activate the most community members to grow a forest in the real world! 🌳 * Rewards for the Winning Project – a community forest (one tree planted for every NFT minted), 100 Komori greenlist (WL) spots, and several epic community giveaways from Komori’s corporate partners!🏆 Competition details: * There will be three different Proof-of-Tree NFT variations, one for each of the three competing communities. You can select which NFT to obtain based on the community you choose to vouch for: Project Galaxy, Magic Eden or Vera. * The project that mints the most Proof-of-Tree NFTs will win a community forest! This means EACH NFT from the winning community will represent the planting of a REAL TREE, sponsored by team Komori, to combat climate change ☀️ and help save our planet 🌎. Mass-scale reforestation is just one element in the Komori project's mission to utilize Web 3 to drive environmental change at unprecedented levels. * For those wondering, Komori will be working with their partners https://www.edenprojects.org/ to plant Mangrove trees in Africa. Studies have shown that Mangroves “sequester carbon at a rate two-four times greater than mature tropical forests” and contain “the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems.” * You will get your selected NFT regardless of the competition outcome as long as you have successfully participated by completing the 4 tasks below! Depending on which community you vouch for, you can mint your NFT from one of these three links (minting opens Thursday!) * Magic Eden - https://magiceden.io/launchpad/proof_of_change * Project Galaxy - https://galaxy.eco/vera/campaign/GCu9YUtY16 * Vera - https://galaxy.eco/vera/campaign/GCD3YUtW6Z Entry Methods: * Follow @komori_NFT on Twitter * Join KOMORI discord * Submit Your BSC/BEP20 Wallet Address (for Project Galaxy or Vera communities) or SOL Wallet Address (for Magic Eden community) * Which community are you vouching for?