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Treasured Clean Romance Reader Giveaway
We treasure our clean romance readers so much, we put together this fantastic reader appreciation giveaway. If you choose to enter, you agree to receive emails filled with goodies from our “Lucky Seven” authors. Every entrant will receive an original Irish-themed, bookish poem displayed on a beautiful photo of an Irish castle, perfectly formatted to fit your computer screen. Set it as your computer wallpaper and enjoy a wee bit of Irish charm all month long! 2 Second Place winners will receive a $10 Amazon gift card, and two eBooks, in addition to the computer wallpaper. 1 Grand Prize winner will receive a box of Ferrero chocolates, a $10 Amazon gift card, and two eBooks, in addition to the computer wallpaper. We appreciate you all—and that’s no blarney! *International entrants will receive the equivalent of the cost of the chocolates and gift cards as a PayPal cash prize. **Expect delivery of your computer wallpaper gift within three business days. Entry Methods: * Treasured Clean Romance Reader Giveaway #giveaway #win * Subscribe to Kristen Iten on YouTube! * Subscribe to Ginny Sterling on YouTube! * Subscribe to Cami Checketts on YouTube! * Subscribe to Kimberly Krey on YouTube! * Subscribe to April Murdock on YouTube! * Subscribe to Jenna Brandt on YouTube! * Follow Kristen Iten on BookBub * Follow Jenna Brandt on BookBub * Follow Jess Mastorakos on BookBub * Follow April Murdock on BookBub * Follow Kimberly Krey on BookBub * Follow Cami Checketts on BookBub * Follow Ginny Sterling on BookBub * Follow Kristen Iten on Amazon * Follow Ginny Sterling on Amazon * Follow Cami Checketts on Amazon * Follow Kimberly Krey on Amazon * Follow April Murdock on Amazon * Follow Jess Mastorakos on Amazon * Follow Jenna Brandt on Amazon * Follow Kristen Iten on Instagram! - authorkristeniten * Follow Jess Mastorakos on Instagram! - author_jessmastorakos * Follow Kimberly Krey on Instagram! - kimberly_krey * Follow Ginny Sterling on Instagram! - ginny_sterling1 * Like Cami Checketts on Facebook! * Like April Murdock on Facebook! * Follow Jenna Brandt on Instagram! - jennabrandtauthor