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⭐️Gleam Campaign by Lumerin!⭐️
Lumerin is a decentralized Web3 data stream routing protocol that enables users to own, transfer, and exchange data through blockchain networks using smart contracts. The Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace is the first DApp leveraging this technology to make Bitcoin hashrate a liquid financial asset, allowing for peer-to-peer, decentralized hashrate trading across the globe. Founded in 2021, Lumerin’s strategic partners include Bloq, Hive Blockchain, Fenbushi Capital and Outlier Ventures, among others. For more info, visit https://lumerin.io/ As the Lumerin Web Marketplace is the first use case of the Lumerin protocol, we’re exploring other potential opportunities. We're also diving into AI with our new partner, Morpheus, making Web3 smarter and more accessible. Together, we're unlocking the power of AI for everyone, streamlining access to decentralized AI resources. The Smarter Way to Mine Bitcoin Digitally The world’s first P2P low-cost, decentralized marketplace for trading Bitcoin hashpower https://marketplace.lumerin.io/ Live on Arbitrum ◆ Reward distribution rules: Join in for a chance to win! 50 lucky participants will share $1000 in LMR. 🎁 Winners will be announced within 3 business days and prizes will be distributed within 14 business days after the winners are announced. More Entries, More chance 🎁 Entry Methods: * Join @LumerinOfficial on Telegram * Follow @hellolumerin on Twitter * Retweet @HelloLumerin on Twitter * Join Lumerin on Discord * Follow @hellolumerin_ on TikTok * Add your MetaMask address * Refer Friends to Join the Lumerin Community