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MXUP Follow x 1 ETH x iPhone14 x Airdrop 100%
🥳 MXUP Follow x 1 ETH x iPhone14 x Airdrop 100% 🥳 Lifestyle X2E project with AR pet M2E (Move To Earn) APP Web3.0 service with Fitness + Game + XR system MXUP is a web3.0 lifestyle app that puts the health of modern people and the sustainable environment of future generations as its priority. To improve the quality of life without compromising the lives of future generations, MXUP pursue’s a lifesyle app for NEW NORMAL consumers who are sustainable, sharin, and experience-oriented; away from the original consumption-oriented healthcare. フィットネス+ゲーム+XRシステムMXUPが適用されたM2E(MoveToAun)APPウェブ3.0サービスは、現代人の健康と未来世代の持続可能な環境を最優先に考えるウェブ3.0ライフスタイルアプリだ。 未来世代の生活を損なわずに生活の質を向上させるために、MXUPは、本来の消費中心のヘルスケアから離れ、持続可能でシャリンで経験中心の新しいノーマル消費者のためのライフスタイルアプリを追求する。 イベント中に4点以上を獲得した方には抽選で賞品を差し上げます!! We will give prizes to some of the people who won more than 4 points during the event, through a lucky draw!! ⏰ Period: 12/5 ~ 12/20 🏆 Prize 🏆 1st place: 1 Ethereum (1 person) 2nd place: iPhone 14 (1 person) 🎉 All participating users will receive 5 PXBT Airdrop 🎉 🎉 If 10,000+ participants: 10 PXBT Airdrop 🎉 🎉 If 100,000 participants: 20 PXBT Airdrop 🎉 * The more people participate, the more Airdrop rewards you get. * PXBT airdrop schedule will be announced later through MXUP’s Discord. Entry Methods: * Follow @MXUPofficial on Twitter * Tweet With The # Hashtag * Join the MXUP Discord server * Join @mxup_official_general on Telegram * Join @mxup_official_jpn on Telegram * Join @mxup_official_kor on Telegram