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The BIGGEST giveaway I have ever done. Celebrating that over 100K of you make up this community in this little corner of IG! What a PARTY! I have put together items from my favorite brands to create the ultimate giveaway that is OVER $1,000 value! What you get: * WCC Leather Belt Bag, Rosary of your choice, Miraculous Medal Necklace, Holy Water Bottle * Crunchi Foundation + Primer Duo (best non toxic makeup) * Primally Pure Body Butter, Body Wash, and Deodorant (non toxic care products) * January Jane Shop’s Humans of Heaven coffee table book * Ascension Press Catechism of the Catholic Church + Great Adventure Bible * Blessed Is She’s “Seek His Kingdom” Bible Study on the book of Matthew * Tina Heinan’s Immaculate Heart framed Intaglio * My Saint My Hero’s Jubilee Benedictine Bracelet * Jordan Lee Dooley’s Holistic Home Handbook (AMAZING guide to start your clean living journey) * Simplholistic’s Bare Naked Hormones Course (INCREDIBLE educational course on hormones and supporting your body on a metabolic and cellular level) * 1 year FREE subscription to the Hallow App * $50 Made By Mary Gift Card * $50 Abercrombie Gift Card WOW. That’s A LOT. Here’s how to enter: 1- LIKE the IG post for the giveaway 2- Follow the Instructions on this link 3- SHARE the IG post to your story Giveaway will run 04.08 - 04.12 and winner will be announced on 04.13. READY! Go! Entry Methods: * Enter this 100K Giveaway! #giveaway #win * Follow me on Instagram! - mari.c.wagner * Follow me on Instagram! - westcoastcatholic * Subscribe to my channel on YouTube!