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Christmas Drops with Marina!
πŸŽ… Christmas Drops with Marina πŸŽ… πŸŽ„ GIVEAWAY EVENT for the official launch of Marina Protocol πŸŽ„ 🎁 PRIZE Total 1,000,000 $SURF + 100 NFT Whitelists 1,000,000 $SURF: Event Participants will randomly selected 100 NFT WL: 50 confirmed, 50 competitive πŸ”₯ For 100 NFT WL A random snapshot in the Q1 2024 awaits. 70+ mining activities by the snapshot essential! 🌊 About Surfboard NFT When staked in the Marina app, the respective Surfboard NFTs automatically provide unlimited Bay Points, the governance token of the Marina Protocol, with no restrictions on conversion to Bay Tokens. ⏰ WHEN ~ 21st JAN (SUN) 2024 23:59 GMT+0 πŸ“Œ NOTICE Participants must complete all 6 tasks to be eligible for rewards. In particular, it is essential to provide accurate Marina Protocol Nickname for successful participation. Incorrect Marina Protocol Nickname will disqualify participants from receiving rewards. Each participant can only participate in the event once. If a participant disengages from the community or unfollows before the event reward date, they will not receive rewards. Please note that this event may be subject to changes or early termination without prior notice due to circumstances from both parties. Entry Methods: * Follow @MARINA_PROTOCOL on Twitter * Join @MarinaProtocol_Announcement on Telegram * Join @MarinaProtocol on Telegram * 🌊 Download the Marina Protocol App! * βœ… Submit your Marina Nickname! * 🎁 Submit your BSC Wallet address!