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Marshmello The Artic Pup To The Moon
Enter by following Marshmello The Artic Pup. Marshemello The Artic Pet is being sent on a NASA mission in Q3-2023 as digital art ( not the dog!...lol) on the lunar museum mission ( Lunaprise). If you are a winner, you too can you have your story, pictures, and video sent to the moon and make history along with music and art legends on the 2nd mission with Space Blue and its partnerships ( Lunaprise) Only one entry is required. Marshmello is allowed to invite you to send your stories, pictures, music, art, and videos to make history on the moon. ATTEND MARSHMELLOS RED CARPET EVENT WITH SPACE X: Marshmello and her celebrity and influencer friends will be at Cape Canaveral Florida, home of NASA and Space X's Launch Pad. Marshmello will have a party with celebrities, influencers, and hundreds of friends over 2 days in Q3-2023. Travel is provided for the Space X Gala) held in Cape Canaveral, Florida, if you are a winner (up to $500 air or other transport credit) and your hotel lodging for 2 nights will be along with expenses paid for up to $500.00 If you are under 18, you will need to be accompanied to all events by a parent/guardian. One winner for Marshmello's Space X Launch Party will be selected. One Winner Will be Invited. ATTEND MARSHMELLOS ANNUAL SWIM WEEK FUN IN MIAMI DURING MARSHMELLO'S BIRTHDAY One Winner will also be selected to attend the next Marshmello the Artic Pups' annual birthday party with celebrities and influencers ( Held in Los Angeles or Miami each year in July). Travel is not provided. Two Winners Will Be Invited. No purchase is necessary. Entry Methods: * Subscribe to our Newsletter * Check Out our Website * Visit Cryptopup on Facebook * Follow @spaceblueclub on Twitter * Share With Your Friends For Extra Entries * Get 20 Bonus Entries For Completing Everything * instagram.com/cryptopup