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WIN - Paw-some Pet Bundle
WIN! PAW-SOME PET BUNDLE The Paw-some Pet Bundle you can win contains: * 1x Tote Bag * 1x Hardcover Journal * 1x Ladies Wallet And if you win you'll be able to select from our range of designs for each of the above options! The Paw-some Pet Bundle is Valued at $78.99 IF YOU WANT TO GIVE YOURSELF THE EDGE TO WIN THIS COMPETITION THEN KEEP READING! You will be sent an email that will allow you to confirm your entry into this giveaway once you have entered in your email address. Once you have confirmed you will have 3 entries into the giveaway. MAKE SURE TO CONFIRM YOUR ENTRY! If you do not you won't be entered officially into the giveaway. You will receive 3 more entries for each new person that you refer into the giveaway, which then increases your chances of WINNING! To be credited with your referrals you need to make sure you are giving people your secret URL link so that they visit the giveaway page. You can find your secret URL on the giveaway page. You will also receive 5 entries for liking our Facebook profile and 10 more entries for going to our website from the giveaway page. Now you may be asking yourself, "So what do all these entries and referrals actually do for me?" BONUS PRIZES Each referral gives you an extra 3 entries into the giveaway, and the person with the most entries when the giveaway ends is our WINNER! But that's not where it ends because we have some bonus prizes as well for everybody that refers someone to the giveaway: * Prize One: Refer 1 person = Phone screen saver set (5x dogs 5x cats) * Prize Two: Refer 2 people = Printable birthday cards set (5x dogs 5x cats) * Prize Three: Refer 3 people = 10% off storewide And yes all these secret prizes stack, meaning if you say, referred 3 people you get ALL 3 BONUS PRIZES! We're sure you know at least two people you can refer that would love this paw-fect bundle, right? Just send them your secret URL link and invite them to join. The giveaway ends on April 2nd 2024 at 11pm EST, so hustle up! The grand prize and referral prizes will be announced on April 5th at 12pm EST on our Facebook page. PS. Here are ways we have seen other people earn EXTRA entries: * Text or email out an invitation to their closest friends and family members with their secret URL link in. * Post their secret URL link on all their social media profiles. * Share their secret URL link with their co-workers (if appropriate). * Follow us on Facebook from the link in the giveaway page. * PPS. You can track your total entries from the giveaway page. PPS. You can track your total entries from the giveaway page. PPPS.Gmail users - Move us to your primary inbox! * On your phone? Hit the 3 dots at the top right corner, click "Move to" then "Primary". * On desktop? Back out of this email then drag and drop this email into the "Primary" tab near the top left of your screen. Entry Methods: * WIN - Paw-some Pet Bundle! #giveaway #win * Click here every day for more entries! * Like us on Facebook! * Follow us on Instagram! - mypetcompanions_ * See Our Ladies Wallet Range * See Our Tote Bag Range * See Our Hardcover Journal Range