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#MYSTRIKA: Unlock Your Cold Email Success with AI-Powered Warmup and Unibox! #GIVEAWAY
SUPERCHARGE SALES WITH SMARTER COLD EMAILS More Replies, More Revenue, Less Effort Benefits: UNLIMITED AUTO-ROTATING EMAIL ACCOUNTS THAT DRIVE EXPONENTIAL GROWTH Elevate Your Outreach Strategy with Unlimited Email address. Say Goodbye to Limits and Hello to More conversions. Personalize Your Emails for Maximum Impact and Watch Your Sales Grow. Connect your accounts and watch your response rates soar. Track your email campaigns with ease and transform those leads into loyal customers. Join the revolution and see your business grow with Mystrika. REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR FOLLOW-UP WITH AUTOMATED FOLLOWUPS Mystrika's automated email sequence feature takes the hassle out of follow-up and increases the efficiency of your sales process. With our platform, you can set up an effective highly personalized follow-up sequence in minutes, freeing up time to focus on other important tasks. Maximize Your Conversion Potential with Our Three-Part Email Sequence: Each Step Brings You Closer to Your Goal. Introduction Sequence: The introduction sequence sets the tone for your follow-up and introduces your brand / service to the lead. This sequence is personalized, relevant, and designed to grab the lead's attention, making them more likely to engage with your proposal. Value-Add Follow-Up: The value-add follow-up provides additional information about your product or service and highlights the benefits for the lead. This step further engages the lead and positions your brand as a solution to their needs. Break-Off Email: The break-off email serves as the final step in the follow-up sequence and determines whether the lead is a good fit for your brand. If the lead is not interested, the break-off email helps you move on to other prospects, allowing you to focus on leads with higher potential for conversion. MASTER YOUR INBOX: STAY ON TOP WITH UNIBOX'S TRACKING AND REPLY FEATURES Streamline your lead management and ditch the hassle of juggling 20+ mailboxes - with Unibox, you'll never miss a lead and can easily reply to everything from one master inbox. Tired of wasting valuable time logging into multiple mailboxes to find potential clients' responses? It's time to shift your focus to closing deals. With Unibox, you can manage all your leads in one central location, allowing you to promptly respond to your customers and accelerate your sales process. Keep track your customer communication with complete context, and never lose context again with our 360 view master inbox. OUTSMART SPAM FILTERS WITH MYSTRIKA'S AI WARMUPS Unlock the full potential of your email campaigns and reach more leads than ever before with unlimited warm-up on Mystrika. Take control of building your email reputation with our customizable options, or sit back and let our AI work its magic. Either way, you have the versatility to choose the best approach for you. Our feature-rich dashboard makes it easy to manage everything you need, end-to-end. BUILT IN FAILSAFE Mystrika is a powerful tool that has been carefully designed to ensure your success. From reputation management to keeping your tabs on credential, we have you covered at every level. Trust Mystrika to be your guide on the path to achieving your goals. AI-POWERED EMAIL OPTIMIZATION THAT MAXIMIZES YOUR OUTREACH Unlock the full potential of your email outreach with Mystrika's AI-powered optimization. Say goodbye to generic, uninteresting emails and hello to highly personalized, attention-grabbing messages that get the results you want. With our cutting-edge technology, you can optimize your emails for deliverability and increase your response rates, all while saving time and streamlining your outreach efforts. Join the businesses who have seen significant growth with Mystrika's AI optimization. Start maximizing your outreach today. SEAMLESS INTEGRATION By integrating with all Email Service providers, we provide you with the opportunity to easily and quickly establish a positive reputation for your emails. Simply add your email address details and we will get started on building a strong reputation for your emails right away. Write few emails, upload your leads and get started in less than 5 minutes. 2 LICENSES (TIER 1) TO BE GIVEN AWAY! Entry Methods: * #MYSTRIKA: Unlock Your Cold Email Success with AI-Powered Warmup and Unibox! #GIVEAWAY * Join Business Growth Hacking on Facebook! * Follow Fresent LLC on Twitter! - fresentllc * Follow Fresent LLC on Facebook * Subscribe to Fresent channel on YouTube! * Watch Non-Tech Techie Livestream with Mystrika * Subscribe to Non-Tech Techie channel on YouTube! * Join Sumo Deals on Facebook * Like us on Facebook! * Follow me on Instagram! - nontech_techie * Follow me on Twitter! - nontech_techie * Check Out Mystrika on Appsumo * Check Out Mystrika on Dealmirror
Never worry about sharing your personal number! Get 2ndNumber! #giveaway
Never worry about sharing your personal number, get 2ndnumber! Do you want to keep your personal number private? Do you have customers overseas and you will look better if you have a number in the same country code as your customers? Do you need to receive one-time-passwords but the provider only accepts specific country codes? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then 2ndnumber is for you! 2ndNumber.tel has helped businesses worldwide to sell "locally" to their overseas customers. 2ndNumber can also be used on Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, Paypal! What's more, 2ndNumber has IVR (Interactive Voice Response) on the webapp, so you can create your own automated messages on your second number. How about that for looking more professional in the eyes of your customers? Exclusive offer to sumo deals group: https://2ndnumber.tel/sumodeals.html (this is not available anywhere else). Offer is valid until 31 January 2023. Entry Methods: * Never worry about sharing your personal number! Get 2ndNumber! #giveaway * Join 2ndNumber.tel on Facebook * Subscribe to 2ndNumber on YouTube! * Check Out Exclusive 2ndNumber LTD for Sumo Deals Goup * Subscribe to my channel on YouTube! * Like us on Facebook! * Follow me on Instagram! - nontech_techie * Follow me on Twitter! - nontech_techie * Connect with Elma on LinkedIn * Watch my YouTube video!
Vend Email - Anonymously create forwards of all your emails in seconds.
INTRODUCING VEND EMAIL! Anonymously create forwards of all your emails in seconds. With Vend Email, get anonymous email addresses you can quickly and securely create and transfer. Vend Email also offers an extensive selection of forwarding options to give users control over how mail is delivered and handled. Vend Email also offers a variety of features and tools to ensure maximum security for the userโ€™s data. The interface is user-friendly and allows users to quickly manage their account with intuitive tools and features. VEND EMAIL LIFETIME DEAL FEATURES - BUY IT NOW! โœ… Lifetime access to Vend Email Plan โœ… All future Vend Email Plan updates โœ… Forwarding emails you can sell โœ… Get anonymous email addresses you can quickly and securely create and transfer โœ… Unlimited email handling, buy unlimited forwarders โœ… Buy unlimited forwarders โœ… Easily invite others to take ownership In addition, Vend.email provides helpful tutorials and customer support to ensure customer satisfaction. All in all, Vend.email is an excellent choice for those looking for a secure way to create email forwards, and a way to transfer, sell, or donate their lifetime deals. We are giving away four (4) lifetime tier 1 access to Vend Email. Please complete as many actions as possible to increase your chances of winning. CAN'T WAIT TO WIN? Starting at $79, you can buy Vend Email now and have access to all of its features for life: Buy Vend Email Now: 25% off our lifetime access plan! Use BF2022 at checkout. Entry Methods: * Vend Email - Anonymous email addresses you can quickly and securely create and transfer. #giveaway #win * Like Vend Email on Facebook! * Follow Vend Email on Twitter! - VendEmail * Join Vend Email Discord Group * Sign up for Vend Email Newsletter * Check-out Vend Email Roadmap * Visit Vend Email Website * Check-out Vend Email Lifetime Deal (Use Code: BF2022) * Give us a G2 review (only if you already own Vend Email) * Give us a Trust Pilot review (only if you already own Vend Email) * Give us a Facebook review (only if you already own Vend Email) * Sign up for Vend Email Affiliate Program * Click here every day for more entries! * Subscribe to Non-Tech Techie on YouTube!