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The $25,000 Photography Giveaway
Strap in, shutterbugs and pixel-pushers, for the ride of your life with the PRO EDU 25K Giveaway. It's not just a contest; it's a no-holds-barred, aperture-wide-open sprint to snag the kind of camera swag that dreams are made of, right from the anarchic comfort of your own digital darkroom. 1. FIRST PLACE - $5,000 SHOPPING SPREE - TWO WINNERS Up for grabs for the grand prize gladiator is a cool $5,000 to blow at an online camera emporium, cherry-picked for your corner of the globe. That's right, five grand in cold, hard, spendable joy to splurge on glass, bodies, or whatever your gear-lusting heart desires. Drawing 1 - Dec 22nd, 2023 Drawing 2 - January 31st, 2024 2. SECOND PLACE - LIFETIME ACCESS TO PRO EDU - TWO WINNERS And for the two lucky souls snagging the silver? Welcome to the pantheon of PRO EDU Founders. It's a lifetime pass to the VIP lounge of knowledge, where the learning flows like whiskey, and the tab's been torn up and tossed to the wind. You'll ride the wave of every course, past, present, and future, without forking over another dime. Drawing 1 - Dec 28th, 2023 Drawing 2 - January 24th, 2024 3. THIRD PLACE + Many Winners But wait, there's more. Third place ain't just the bronze; it's your ticket to a gear fiesta, a cornucopia of photographic gadgetry to fuel your next visual escapade. And for the rest of you warriors of light and shadow, there's a slice of the pie with access to our partners—Bloom.io, VeryBusy.io, Imagen AI, and Evoto AI. They're the sidekicks you never knew you needed, the secret sauce to your image-making burger. Bloom.io Drawing - November 17th VeryBusy Drawing -November 22nd Imagen AI Drawing - November 29th Two $1,000 Gear Drawings - Gear and Date TBD So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the PRO EDU $25K Giveaway. It's not just a competition; it's a photographic rite of passage. May the best shooter win. We're just kidding, it's completely random. Entry Methods: * Subscribe to our Newsletter * Check Out The Official Giveaway + BF Sale: * Activate A Free PRO EDU Account + Course * Download the Free PRO EDU App * Review The PRO EDU iOS App * Buy 1 PRO EDU Course at PROEDU.com * Buy 2 PRO EDU Courses at PROEDU.com * Buy Any 3 PRO EDU Courses at PROEDU.com * View Video on Facebook * Visit proedututorials on Facebook * Visit proedututorials on Instagram * Make a Purchase and Get The Photographer's Toolkit * Visit PRO EDU Photography Tutorials on YouTube * Enter The Secret Code From Our Social * Share With Your Friends For Extra Entries * Claim Your Loyalty Bonus * Join the PRO EDU Photography Discord Server * Follow @proedututorials on TikTok * Follow The PRO EDU Photography Podcast on SoundCloud * Become A PRO PLAN Member * Visit proeduphotographytutorials on Pinterest * Follow @proedututorials on Twitter * Visit The Learn Platform: * Refer Friends For Extra Entries * Get 5000 Bonus Entries For Completing Everything