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Back to School Book Giveaway ages 2-8
WIN 5 BEAUTIFUL PICTURE BOOKS JUST IN TIME FOR BACK TO SCHOOL READING FUN! ADVENTURES WITH BUKU SAVING NATURE Embark on an adventure with Buku, the robot, who teaches children how important it is to help our environment. Discover how the power of knowledge and working together can help protect nature and our planet. This book will help the next generation preserve the beauty of our earth, ideal for ages 6-8. ZORRO THE BOSTON TERRIER: ACCIDENTALLY LOCKED OUT A need to find warmth and food sends Zorro through the neighborhood. Will he find help before he turns into one soggy doggy? A picture book for children ages 2 to 7 about kindness, friendship, and not giving up. Will you find the hidden picture? KAIDA BRIGHTSCALES AND THE MAGICAL MEADOWS Kaida Brightscales, the delightful little dragon, is captivated by a busy butterfly and a focused ant. She enjoys helping them complete very important jobs. But when Kaida meets her friend Bella the bee who is feeling unwell, she’s not sure how to make her feel better. Find out how she helps everyone buzz back to health in this tale about teamwork for children 4-6. SOPHIA AND THE DRAGON: WHO CAME FOR DINNER Meet Sofia, a sweet little girl who doesn’t always have an easy time eating her dinner. When a dragon comes to visit and she is tasked with guarding his plate, she has a hard time resisting his food. This adorable story full of laughter helps children create positivity around eating their dinner. THE EXCITING BOOK OF WORD SEARCH PUZZLES Set off on a unique word-finding journey through a delightful array of kid-friendly themes and categories. Captivating animals, weather wonders, vast solar system, and many more tailor-made word search puzzles await young adventurers ages 6-8. *Must be 18 years or older and reside in USA, Australia, Canada, or UK to enter* Entry Methods: * Back to School Book Giveaway ages 2-8 #giveaway #win * Follow Paola Kay on Instagram - paola.kay.writer * Follow Xanda Monteiro on Instagram - lightshadowandink * Follow Sarah J Williams on Instagram - sarahjwilliamsauthor * Like Alicia Carbo-Guha on Facebook * Like Xanda Monteiro on Facebook * Like Sarah J Williams on Facebook * Subscribe to Paola Kay's newsletter * Subscribe to Xanda Monteiro's newsletter * Subscribe to Sarah J Williams's newsletter * Subscribe to Alicia Carbo-Guha's newsletter * Follow Xanda Monteiro on Twitter - lightshadowink