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'Knowing the Spirit' Book Giveaway
Win a copy of Costi Hinn's latest book, Knowing the Spirit: Who He Is, What He Does, and How He Can Transform Your Christian Life. Be sure to watch my interview with Costi and then enter to win a copy of his book about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Entry Methods: * 'Knowing the Spirit' Book Giveaway #giveaway #win * Like us on Facebook! * Follow on Instagram! - reasonabletheology * Follow on Twitter! - TheologyTweets * Subscribe to my channel on YouTube! * Click here every day for more entries! * Watch my interview with Costi
Cold Case Christianity Giveaway
Win a Copy of J Warner Wallace's updated and revised Cold Case Christianity! Homicide detective J. Warner Wallace applies ten common rules of evidence to make the case for Christianity in this completely updated and expanded edition of the apologetic classic that has changed lives around the world. Cold-Case Christianity shows: * How detective skills help us determine the historical reliability of the Bible * The role that evidence plays in the Christian definition of faith * Why the gospel eyewitness accounts demonstrate the historicity of Jesus * How rules of evidence help make the case for the proof of Christianity Be sure to catch my interview with Detective Wallace and enter to win a copy of the book! Entry Methods: * Cold Case Christianity Giveaway #giveaway #win * Watch my YouTube video! * Subscribe on YouTube! * Like us on Facebook! * Follow me on Instagram! - reasonabletheology * Follow me on Twitter! - TheologyTweets * Click here every day for more entries! * Subscribe to the Newsletter