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Gods and Goddesses Paperback Giveaway
One winner will receive EVERYTHING listed below - so grab all the entries you can! This is open to participants who can receive books from Amazon. The prize includes paperbacks of: * When Gods Fall by S.E. Bouvier * Flame and Sparrow by S.M. Gaither * Long Live by V.B. Lacey * The Blackthorn Queen by Melanie Karsak * Of Elves & Embers by Elle Madison & Robin D. Mahle * Persephone by Eva Pohler * The Night Market by Jesikah Sundin * Feather of Balance by Laura Greenwood * Knights of the Alliance by Stefanie Chu * Winter Gods & Serpents by Wendy Heiss Good luck and thanks for participating! The "fine print" details: One winner will be chosen to receive the grand prize on Wednesday, March 20th and will be contacted by Luna Blooms PA Services through their email [email protected]. Winner has 48 hours to reply to the email to confirm where the prizes should be sent before a new eligible winner will be selected. Each participating author is responsible for sending their individual contribution to the grand prize. Items lost or damaged in the mail are not guaranteed to be replaced. Customs and similar fees are not the responsibility of the participating authors. Entry Methods: * Gods and Goddesses Paperback Giveaway #giveaway #win * Subscribe to S.E. Bouvier's Newsletter * Follow S.E. on Instagram - sebouvier.author * Join S.M. Gaither's Reader Group on Facebook * Follow S.M. on Instagram - authorsmgaither * Subscribe to V.B. Lacey's Newsletter * Follow V.B. on Instagram - vblacey.books * Join Melanie Karsak's Reader Group on Facebook * Subscribe to Melanie's Newsletter * Follow Elle Madison & Robin D. Mahle on TikTok * Follow Elle & Robin on Instagram - mahleandmadison * Subscribe to Eva Pohler's Newsletter * Follow Eva on Instagram - evapohler * Join Jesikah Sundin's Reader Group on Facebook * Follow Jesikah on Instagram - jesikahsundin * Join Laura Greenwood's Reader Group on Facebook * Follow Laura on BookBub * Follow Stefanie Chu on Instagram - stefaniechu.author * Follow Stefanie on BookBub * Follow Wendy Heiss on Instagram - wendyheiss.author * Follow Wendy on TikTok