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Her Alien Warrior Pre-order Giveaway!
You like a bit of Alien Romance, do you? Perfect! Her Alien Warriors is about an older FMC, named Renee, in her 40's with two grown daughters and a lack-luster marriage joins the alien exchange for a study on attraction to figure out next steps in her life, only to find her own alien fated mate in a grumpy secret cinnamon warrior named General Sou-el. Knotting, space-vampires, blood play, fated mates, he falls first, plot with spice. To enter this giveaway all you have to do is share this giveaway to get a chance to win one of the prize packs, and if you pre-order you're entered into your own chance to win the prize pack!! That's it! Share or Pre-order! Only one winner on Kingsumo, for sharing, but all the extra entries for this particular sharing prize pack have the steps necessary to enter into the pre-order giveaway for its own drawing of the goodies and swag as well! The goal of this pre-order giveaway is essentially for me to be able to afford to hire a human artist for NSFW character art of General Sou-el from Her Alien Warrior. It costs around $150 just to get the art commissioned. So if we reach 150 pre-orders, then I've reached enough to afford the artwork, and if we reach 300+ preorders then I can afford to then have the artwork made into vellum inserts for all the paperback preorders! Ready, set, go! Entry Methods: * Her Alien Warrior Pre-order Giveaway! #giveaway #win * Grab Pre-order e-book from Amazon * Grab Pre-order Paperback from Amazon * Follow me on Instagram! - authorsteviemarie * Like me on Facebook! * Follow on Bookbub * Follow on Amazon * Pre-order Her Alien Warrior on Author Store * Grab Pre-order Her Alien Warrior Signed Paperback from Author Store * Click here every day for more entries! * Verify your Pre-order here on Google Forms to enter the extra pre-order giveaway!