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Nightmares for Christmas
ENTER TO WIN THE NIGHTMARES FOR CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! ‘TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, IN A TOWN CLOAKED IN SNOW, WHERE SHADOWS STRETCHED LONG AND COLD WINDS DID BLOW. THE STREETS WERE DESERTED, NOT A SOUL DARED TO ROAM, FOR TALES WERE TOLD OF A NIGHT WHEN EVIL WOULD COME HOME.... ONE LUCKY WINNER WILL RECEIVE THEIR CHOICE OF: ONE BOOKS OF HORROR WINTER SURPRISE BOX: CONTAINS 2 NOVELS AND 3 SHORT STORIES/CHAP BOOKS. 3 AWESOME MERCH ITEMS.ORTWO MINI BOOKS OF HORROR SURPRISE BOXES: INCLUDES 2 BOOKS AND 2 MERCH ITEMS. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, in a town cloaked in snow, Where shadows stretched long and cold winds did blow. The streets were deserted, not a soul dared to roam, For tales were told of a night when evil would come home. In old, creaky houses, the townsfolk lay wide awake, With each gust of wind and each branch that would shake. For legend had it, on this sinister night, A creature would visit, spreading nothing but fright. Its eyes glowed like embers in the deep winter chill, Its footsteps were silent, its presence a thrill. It moved through the town with a purpose so dread, Leaving behind nothing but whispers and dread. The creature was cloaked, from its head to its feet, In garments as dark as the heart's wicked beat. It roamed every alley, it crept down each lane, Searching for something, its mission quite plain. It reached the town square, where an old oak tree stood, Its branches gnarled, in this ghostly neighborhood. Beneath this tree, the creature paused and then bent, Unearthing a box, old and slightly bent. The box was peculiar, with carvings so queer, Symbols of horror, enough to instill fear. Its lid creaked open, releasing a cloud, Of darkness and whispers, it seemed to shroud. As quick as it came, the creature then fled, Leaving the box where the old tree had bled. The town still silent, under the watchful eye of the moon, Wondering what curse or fortune would befall them soon. But who dares to open, to reveal what’s inside? Will it be horror, or treasures that hide? This Christmas is different, not merry, but eerie, With a box full of secrets, the contents a mystery. For only the bravest, whose hearts yearn for fright, Can unveil the horrors, on this Christmas night. So gather your courage, let your curiosity ignite, For you won’t know what’s inside, unless you win the prize tonight. *** Notes: Open to Contiguous US Residents only. Winner will receive their box(es) during the suppliers normal shipment schedule. Prizes shipped directly from Indie Book Boxes. By entering your e-mail address, you give your consent to receive e-mail communications from the sponsoring authors. You can unsubscribe at any time. Sponsoring authors: Jen Sequel C S C Shows Barry K Gregory Naomi Ault See contest rules for full details about this giveaway. Entry Methods: * Enter the Nightmares for Christmas Giveaway! #horrorbooks #bookstagram * Like us on Facebook!