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Tradiac Giveaway - Win a Free Trading Challenge
ACTIVE PROMOTION: Buy a $50k challenge and receive a free upgrade to $100k* ABOUT TRADIAC Tradiac provides access to capital to traders who pass one of the trading challenges. Traders can receive up to $100k trading capital which can be scaled up to $1m. Here are a few things that separate Tradiac from other prop firms: * Option for large drawdown - If you would prefer a larger drawdown, you can opt for the brainiac track which features a 20% max drawdown or the maniac track which offers a huge 30% drawdown. * Backed by a hedge fund - The goal of Tradiac is to find profitable traders who can help manage institutional-level capital. They are not out just to collect challenge fees. * Receive a 90% profit share from day 1 - Upon passing the challenge phase, you will immediately be entitled to 90% of all future profits. THE GIVEAWAY To enter the giveaway enter your name and email to get your first 3 entries. Further entries are awarded for completing the following tasks: * Follow Tradiac on Twitter/X * Follow Tradiac on Instagram * Join the Tradiac Discord Server * Receive an extra 3 entries for each person who enters via your share THE PRIZES Here are the prizes on offer: * 5 x $10k Tradiac Challenge If there are over 250 entries a further 5 x $10k challenges will be added. If there are over 500 entries another 2x $20k challenges will be added. --------------------------------- *To receive the free upgrade, contact [email protected] upon purchase. Entry Methods: * Tradiac Giveaway - Win a $100k Trading Challenge #giveaway #win #proptrading * Follow us on Instagram! - tradiacs * Follow us on Twitter/X! - tradiacs_ * Join Tradiac Discord Server