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Win $100,000 worth Node NFTs & 1,500,000+ VERY
😊Join On-device AI global chat platform with rewards early😊 Verychat, the Web3 chat platform with free-to-mine feature, will launch globally on both Google Play Store and App Store in April. Verychat is a global chat platform equipped with on-device AI, combining chat, community channels, mining, and a wallet for easy and safe Web3 journey. We aim to build a growing community and share all the achievements obtained in the process with our users. Be one of the first to get on board with Verychat, where sustainable social currency rewards are possible!! ❗❗🎉Pre-Registration Benefits for Everyone🎉❗❗ * A 100 $VERY welcome gift for everyone! * A chance to win a Node NFT worth $2,000! (20 random winners) * Early mining exclusively for pre-registrants! * Increase mining power with early-access mining referral code! Just by pre-registering, you get all these special benefits! 🏆 Referral Contest Rewards 🏆 HUGE Rewards for the Top 30 Referrers! 1st place: 3 Node NFTs + 500,000 $VERY 2nd place: 2 Node NFTs + 400,000 $VERY 3rd place: 2 Node NFTs + 300,000 $VERY 4th Place: 1 Node NFT + 200,000 $VERY 5th place: 1 Node NFT + 100,000 $VERY 6th to 30th place: 1 Node NFT Don't miss your chance to win one of only 8,000 nodes! ❓❓How to Participate❓❓ 1. Pre-register for Verychat using your Gmail account at the bottom of the page with Google Login👇👇 *Please make sure you use the same Gmail account you will be using on Verychat app after release. 2. Simply click the 'Join Pre-Registration' button to complete!!! 3. Complete additional missions and invite friends to grab more rewards opportunities! ⚠️ Notice ⚠️ * By participating and completing the tasks, you agree to pre-registered for the Verychat app, which qualifies you to receive 100 VERY in the app and enter the draw to win one of the Node NFTs. * All rewards will be provided to the participants' matching Gmail accounts within the Verychat app, and may not be awarded if there is a mismatch. * Launch scheduled for April - Notifications will be sent to the registered email and official community immediately after launch! * All VERY rewards are distributed through the Verychat app, and Node NFTs are sent to a wallet within the Verychat app on Very Mainnet. Website l Telegram l Twitter Entry Methods: * Join Pre-registration! * ***IMPORTANT***: Use Google Login Only when Verychat is live. Answer "ok" to acknowledge. * Follow @Verylabs on Twitter * Retweet @verylabs on Twitter * Join @Verylabs on Telegram * Visit Verychat Website: * Refer Friends For Extra Entries