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Crypto Dream Night Giveaways
Crypto Dream Night Giveaways! value $4500 Everyone has a chance to win! No limit! Complete the Gleam task and you will have a chance to win it! Techub News is a technology media from Hong Kong. Committed to creating "Hong Kong's leading, world-class" technology media and new media clusters. Using the latest LLM and blockchain technology to bring a new paradigm of content production and consumption, to help popu larize science and empower science and technology innovation. This is a night when the Crypto industry announces its dreams to the world. On September 11th, when the industry is focusing on Singapore, and when the world is curious about what these mysterious crypto hackers are doing together, we will use a shocking way to tell the story and dreams of cryptopunk to the world. We will be hosting a drone show near MBS to let web3 shine over Singapore. This is an innovative service provided by our partner Skylink. They are a Web3 aerial media platform focusing on drone performances. Through blockchain technology and community power, they provide drone perform ance Enthusiasts and digital asset investors Provides a new opportunity and experience. We will also set up a live viewing area at the OverEasy Bar with a great view near MBS, so that you can experience this spectacular performance up close. We will also prepare exquisite meals and drinks for you, allowing you to have in-depth exchanges and sharing with other industry leaders and opinion leaders while enjoying the food. In addition, we will also live broadcast + commentary through multiple channels, so that users around the world can witness this historic moment together. We will also airdrop NFT to participating users, giving them the opportunity to participate in the profit sharing of the n ext flight . Entry Methods: * Follow @NewsTechubEN on Twitter * Join @cryptodreamnight on Telegram * Retweet @NewsTechubEN on Twitter * Answer a Question: Please enter ETH address and email address(It is convenient for us to contact you)