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Tired of discomfort, excessive sweating, and skin irritation from your body armor? We’ve got the perfect fix - and you could get one for FREE! As we celebrate our 7th year in providing top-tier safety gear for everyone, we're introducing the Maxx-Dri Vest 5.0 from 221B Tactical – the newest and best body armor ventilation trusted by law enforcement officers and security professionals. Designed to create a breathable layer of space between your body and armor, the MDV 5.0 allows heat and moisture to escape while letting fresh air in, so you can stay comfortable in any weather. Why you'll love the MDV 5.0: * Removable Side Straps for Quick Wear: Easily throw on your vest and customize your setup in seconds. * Fully Adjustable for a Perfect Fit: With hook-and-loop on both ends, you can easily adjust the side straps, ensuring unmatched comfort and a snug fit. * All-Around Non-Slip Grip for Secure Placement: Keep your armor perfectly in place with upgraded non-slip material, eliminating any shift or slide. * Upgraded Material: Feel the difference with 1.5mm thicker material and larger air channels, boosting airflow and reducing heat and moisture build-up. * Extended Coverage: More ventilation and better moisture control, thanks to increased torso and rib cage coverage. Don't miss out on the chance to make wearing body armor a more bearable part of your daily routine. Enter the 221B Giveaway and step into a world of comfort and protection. Hurry! This giveaway ends on May 10. Entry Methods: * Follow us on Facebook * Follow us on Instagram * Follow us on Twitter * Follow us on Pinterest * Use $20 Coupon * Visit Website * Refer your friends