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Crafting Jeannie Thank You Giveaway - April/May 2024
I want to give away a bunch of stuff to say Thank You! I am soooo grateful for the Crafting Jeannie Community. I will be drawing multiple winners throughout the months of April and May. You can enter as many times as you like -but you can only win once. * 5 winners will get a $5 Starbucks Gift Card * 5 winners will get the Preschool Worksheets Mega Bundle (by Crafting Jeannie) * 5 winners will get 3 free items from the Crafting Jeannie Etsy shop (their choice) * 3 winners will get a fun craft package including (Punch Craft Set, Tempera Paint Sticks, a fun Happy face stamp, & a Recordable Button * 1 winner will get a $50 Amazon Gift Card * 1 winner will get a Lifetime subscription to the CraftingJeannie's Printable Club To enter the Giveaway, type your name and valid email below: Entry Methods: * Like this Facebook Post * Share this Facebook Post * Follow Crafting Jeannie on Facebook * Follow Crafting Jeannie on Instagram * Follow Crafting Jeannie on Pinterest * Subscribe to Crafting Jeannie on Youtube * Watch this Crafting Jeannie video * Refer your friends * Visit the Crafting Jeannie Website (Daily Entry) * Visit the Crafting Jeannie Shop (Daily Entry) * Check out A Year of Crafts eBook (Daily Entry) * Check out the MEGA Preschool Worksheet Bundle (Daily Entry) * Check out the Crafting Jeannie's Printables Club (Daily Entry) * Leave a Review for A Year of Crafts * Leave a Review for the Printables Club