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Win a Limited Edition N81 Liberator HP 2.0 Hearing Protection
The Liberator HP provides enhanced hearing protection in all environments, including those with impulse/gunfire noise and high-decibel, constant background audio. The wearer is protected while advanced sound localization allows for maximum situational awareness and sound detection. Noveske's N81 camo draws inspiration from the time-honored M81 Woodland pattern and infuses it with the brand's distinctive Cerakote colors. Bazooka Green, Tiger Eye, Armor Black, and Multicam Dark Brown converge to create a visually striking camouflage design. The glass polymer, injection-molded, slim earcups provide excellent durability and is the base earcup for the Liberator IV and V headsets. The Liberator HP can be sent in and converted (for an additional charge) into either a single or dual comm headset. Once the headset has been converted to a Liberator IV or V, a Push-to-Talk (PTT) can also be purchased separately and added to the system. The LIB HP is also available with a rechargeable battery, LIB HP-R. This product is ANSI Certified but does not yet have CE Certification for our European customers. It is recommended to remove the batteries when storing the headset or when the headset is not in use. Entry Methods: * Watch this video * Subscribe To Noveske's Youtube Channel * Subscribe to Safarilands channel * Refer your friends * Visit us on Instagram * Follow Safariland on Instagram * Participate in our Poll * How many Noveske rifles do you own? * Like Noveske on Facebook * Like Safariland on Facebook * Visit Noveske's Website * Visit Safariland's Website