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Bites X Katana INU

Bites is holding the biggest giveaway campaign with UNLIMITED WINNING SLOTS. Complete this Gleam to help us retweet about this lucrative reward!

Guaranteed Prize for ALL participants in this Gleam

🔱 ​$15 (~150 $POINT)

per email. Distribute immediately when the campaign ends.


Step 1: Download Bites app

Step 2: Register your Bites account

Step 3: Follow Bites twitter

Step 4: Subscribe to Bites TG channel

Step 5 (optional): Share this Gleam to your friends to win together

😍 $POINT is redeemed to unlock in-app paid features freely and take part in our games to receive big prize pools.

ğŸŽ We are grateful and appreciate all those who help us in this Referral Program.

👑 We guarantee that you will receive the 150 $POINT prize and it will be able to use immediately.

Entry Methods:

  • Download Bites app
  • Submit your Bites app screenshot
  • Follow @Oxalus_io on Twitter
  • Retweet @katanainu on Twitter
  • Follow @katanainu on Twitter
  • Answer: What is your log-in email?
  • Join @OxalusAnnouncement on Telegram
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries