Pokras Lampas Unhack Blum

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I took control over your favourite Blum app.

BUT. I'm an artist & ethical hack3r.
No harm. Just lulz.


I have some simple demandz to satisfy my gut feeling and I'll free you all up!

Make these hashtag fly on social media.

Hashtags trendy = we gucci.

#ForTehLulz #PokrasGotBlum #HackedNot

That's all I want. For now.

Oh, and btw.

I'll hook up 250 random Blumies w/ 13370 BPs.

Because I like to l̶i̶t̶ L33T.

Ready to make it happen?

Login with Telegram below and submit proof of your submission.

More submissions = more chances.

Smile. Share love <3

Yours, Pokras Lampas

ps. 💣are no more.

Entry Methods:

  • First Entry Code, plz.
  • Send the news to Facebook
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  • Secret Boost Code