Win a Magimix Gelato Expert (worth £500) and a signed copy of The Happy Endings Cookbook by Terri Mercieca

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WIN a Magimix Gelato Expert (worth £500), and a signed copy of Terri Mercieca's new cookbook The Happy Endings Cookbook 🍦

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About the book:

Step into a world of flavour and fun as award-winning ice cream maker, chocolatier and dessert chef Terri Mercieca reveals the magic behind her most sought-after desserts.

It’s time that ice cream claimed its crown as the ruler of desserts... it conjures the most nostalgic of childhood memories, delivers a taste that stops you in your tracks, flooding you with sensory delight, and offers comfort in both our happiest and saddest moments. Ice cream is a true food for the soul.

Whether you want to tuck into a scoop or two all by itself or as a complementary addition to a moreish dessert, Terri is here to show you that ice cream can be so much more than an icy tub of raspberry ripple from the supermarket. Each page is filled with secrets on upping your dessert game to make a full repertoire of delightful treats at home, including ice-cream sandwiches, impressive sundaes, classic puddings, and tantalizing tarts. From timeless recipes that warm your heart, to innovative creations that spark your imagination, there's a scoop of happiness here for everyone.

About the Magimix Gelato Expert:

Indulgent iced treats in under thirty minutes.

With summer on the horizon, what could be better than real Italian gelato and ice cream on demand, easily created at home? Whipped up in under 30 minutes with the help of the Magimix Gelato Expert, this helpful dessert powerhouse can also produce the creamiest vegan frozen yoghurts, refreshing sorbets, semi-frozen granitas and maybe even a strawberry daiquiri too.

There is no requirement to pre-freeze bowls as this premium frozen dessert maker has an integrated cooling system which freezes as it churns. So merely select your preferred ingredients, place them in the bowl, select from one manual mode or three automatic programmes and wait just a half hour to indulge.

Choose from:

Gelato: Light, creamy and super smooth
- Ice Cream: Artisanal ice cream, refreshing sorbet and frozen yoghur
- Granita: Semi-frozen iced dessert or cocktail

The Gelato Expert has a large capacity with two 2L stainless steel bowls – one removeable and one fixed, for two-in-a-row batch making. Once ready, ice cream can be kept at the optimum temperature and consistency for up to two hours with the Storage Mode – perfect for stress-free prepare-ahead entertaining.

Built to last and expertly designed for both function and style in your kitchen, (the switches in the machine are tested to last one million times), it automatically comes with a three-year guarantee.

The Gelato Expert comes with: Two litre capacity bowl (fixed), Paddle for fixed bowl, two litre capacity bowl (removable), paddle for removable bowl, spatula, measuring cup, lid, recipe book. 3-year guarantee.

Made in Italy.

Magimix invented the first Food Processor in 1963 and continues to be an industry leader in innovative multifunctional appliances, transforming the way we prepare food.

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