10,000,000 SHIB AirDrop

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Offered by: ياسمين
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Rewards allocation by total entries and random selection:

Grand Prize- Top 1-50 entries100,000 SHIB each

2nd place- Next Highest 51-200 entries 20,000 SHIB each

3rd place- 250 Random Participants 8,000SHIB each

Total winners: 450

Event period: Now - Dec 26, 2022, 12:00 PM (Dubai time GMT +4:00)
Winners Announced on our Discord server and send to your BEP-20 address(https://discord.gg/SNsPSjNYE3): Dec 28, 2022

The event will last for 2 weeks so invite as many friends as possible to receive our SHIB as reward!

Entry Methods:

  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries
  • Follow @LanlaApp on Twitter
  • Retweet @LanlaApp on Twitter
  • Submit your BEP-20 crypto wallet address
  • Join our Lanla Discord server