December Gifted Skins Giveaway! 💯

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December Gifted Skins Giveaway! ğŸŽ

How it works:

  • ✅ Do what each entry box says to do. Completing each step gives you entries (tickets) to the giveaway.
  • ğŸŽŸï¸ The more entries you get, the more likely you are to win! 🥳


  • 🥳 3 winners will be selected by the randomizer.
  • 📥 We send each winner an email (We send it to the email they entered with).
  • ğŸŽ The winners email us back their EPIC name and then we friend them and send them a skin of their choice from the item shop!


Giveaway Proof - We record all gifting and post it to our instagram, @dropin.ig. You can see videos on our "Giveaway Proof" IG Highlights.

IMPORTANT - Make sure you have push notifications enabled on your Drop In App, otherwise you may not see if you won!

Entry Methods:

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