Futures PnL Showcase | Share & Win up to $300!

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Enter Giveaway Futures PnL Showcase | Share & Win up to $300!

How to Participate:

  1. Share Your PnL Daily (only 1 maximum PnL Daily)
  2. Engage on Twitter

Winning Criteria (Monday-Sunday messages counts) :
  • To qualify for the prizes, user must achieve a minimum of 1200 messages on Telegram group.
  • The prize amount depends on the total number of messages in the group:
    • Level 1: 15,000 Messages
      • Prize: $100 for 20 winners
    • Level 2: 30,000 Messages
      • Prize: $200 for 20 winners (Double prize)
    • Level 3: 45,000 Messages
      • Prize: $300 for 20 winners (Triple prize)

Entry via Gleam:
  • Enter the event through our Gleam link to ensure your participation and follow all required steps for eligibility.

Event Duration:

July, 01 - July, 05 (UTC)

Terms & Conditions

Winners will be select from Top 20 users from the leaderboard. in 1 week.

  • Stay active and encourage your friends to join to help reach the highest prize level!
  • The decision of regarding the winners is final.
  • Participants must adhere to the community guidelines and rules of engagement.
  • Prizes are non-transferable and subject to change at the discretion of
  • All participants have an equal chance to win based on their effort and quality engagement over the campaign duration, not solely on leaderboard ranking.
  • The list of winners will be announced every two weeks via
  • This activity is only available for users who have completed identity verification. The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account in the competition.
  • To preserve the interests of all participants and maintain fairness, we strictly prohibit cheating in the activity. Cheating will result in disqualification.
  • Rewards for this event, except for tokens, are valid for 7 days and will be distributed to the wallet account within 14 working days after the activity ends. Users can view them in “Wallet” - “Transaction History”
  • Winners announce every 2 weeks

Entry Methods:

  • Join @gateio_futures on Telegram
  • Follow GateioFutures on X
  • Repost GateioFutures on X
  • Have you comment and tag 3 friends with #GateioFuturesChallenge