RECOIL 18 Days of Christmas - Day 9 Win an RA-535 Advanced Performance Trigger from Rise Armament and RECOIL!

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WIN an RA-535 Advanced Performance Trigger from Rise Armament and RECOIL!

Product Description:

The Ferrari of triggers, RISE’s RA-535 Advanced Performance Trigger has a crazy-fast Quik-KlikTM reset, nearly nonexistent overtravel, and a smoother, crisper, lighter trigger pull to help you fire more quickly and accurately.

Most triggers allow a degree of movement prior to engaging the sear, but not RISE drop-in triggers. Measurements done to RISE triggers show no trigger take-up before engaging the sear, so trigger movement actually begins with the pull to actuate the sear that releases the hammer. A Dvorak TriggerScanTM device that accurately measures take-up, creep, and overtravel and was used for comparative testing of RISE triggers and the competition. The results for RISE triggers showed 0/100 inch, NoWayTM Take-Up.

Key features include:

  • Single stage with quick reset for faster response time between shots
  • Lightened 3.5-lb pull with super-crisp release to improve accuracy
  • Precision machined then hand-assembled and tested
  • Hybrid trigger blade with rounded edges for enhanced control and a lighter feel pull weight
  • Interior components machined from S7 tool steel then hardened for heavy hits before being coated with Nickel-Teflon® for a durable, slick, high-performing surface
  • RISE Red 8625 hardcoat anodized reliable aluminum cassette housing
  • Fits AR-style platforms with mil-spec dimensions
  • Easy to install and includes free anti-rotation pins.
  • Backed by RISE’s Lifetime Warranty and More Bang for Your Buck Guarantee

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MSRP: $259

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