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50,000$ WTX Token 2000 usdt airdrop πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

The project will achieve these goals by providing a website and an app that will allow businesses to list their products and services, and allow users to search for the best deals. The project will also provide a way for businesses to save money by allowing them to offer discounts and coupons.

WTX INFO : || website ||

Contact address :- 0x7D352aa1eC783FDAFD8c9dDa15FAe5462a7cb994

πŸ† Prize Pool πŸ†

πŸ₯‡Top 1-5 πŸ‘‰ 400 Usdt each

πŸ₯ˆTop 6-10 πŸ‘‰ 300$ WTX Token each

πŸ₯‰Top 11-30 πŸ‘‰ 175$ WTX Token each

πŸš΄δΈ‰ FCFS 4,000 Winner πŸ‘‰ 5$ WTX Token each

πŸ€— Random 2,500 winner πŸ‘‰ 10$ WTX Token each

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