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CassavaNetwork X Valucop Global is giving away $2000 USDT Now!🔥

Complete the following tasks to get whitelisted & public mint tickets for free!

🔥Prize Pool for tickets holders🔥

💰 Rewards worth at least $2000 USDT provided.

🤩 Out of the 2000 USDT,

400 will be given away to communities that participate in the event;

600 will be awarded to winning communities:

First prize: $300

Second prize: $200

Third prize: $100

1000 will be shared by all voters.

An eLearning platform focused on transitioning Africans to Web3 through career-readiness non-tech and tech courses.


About AfriVote Event

Timeline ⏰:

Mint and Vote time: Oct. 23th - Nov. 3rd

Community registration: Oct. 13th - Oct. 30th

Winner announcement and reward distribution: before Nov. 10th

Voting chain 🔗: Optimism Network

Projects to be voted : 8 FIGURE MASTERMIND, SniperNFTDao, IRA PUBLIC CHANNEL, Cryptosect, Women In DeFi, Bchain Academy, Flow Blockchain, Limitless Traders, Brightchuks community, Safe plays, Web3Kwara, Massive Cash Out, Tamzid328, NFT NG, Earn with Chidì, WhiteGoldCrypto Academy, Samtech Updates, Streetz dao, Wezzy Airdrop Community, Cryptems, Selim Damilola, Cira charts, The WEB3.0 Space, Ophir Community, Crypto Oracle Community, TheDepths, CryptoHuBKE, 3WW3 Research Institute Global, Krista space, BG Trade, RadonDao, DCTv Africa, Valucop Global, Scorefam, TOPs of Web3, Brightola community, Avault, Jumper Exchange, Onchain Guide, AI3DAO, Frenzy Games, RealPlayerDAO Africa, Cassava Kenya, Elfin Kingdom Games, CryptoTribe Academy, Olaolex, Transcend tech community, Metameta Club, Kenya NFT Club, DYOR Podcast Show, HAYA Business Community, Memoi Africa, Kenya Blockchain Ladies DAO, FOMO Weekly, JUA EXCHANGE, JKUAT Web3.0 Community, The Cryps, Crypto Update hub, Degenerates DAO, Flock, NFPrompt.

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  • Submit your OP(EVM) address
  • Submit your Cassava ID: What is your Cassava ID?
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