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Bikemas Day 4 is here. Enter for a chance to win a set of Arclight Pedals and a ShockStop Suspension Seatpost from Redshift Sports.

Arclight Pedals are the ultimate safety upgrade for your bike.

By combining the 360° visibility of the lights with the natural biological motion of the pedals, you are not just more visible - you're recognizable as a cyclist.

Studies have shown that this combination of motion and light can make you up to 57% more visible than standard bike lights. And the 35 hr run time and USB charging make the pedals extremely commuter friendly.

Features include USB rechargeable light modules, auto on/off, auto color switching and three modes.

US Link: https://bit.ly/3DPfwru

CAN Link:


The ShockStop Suspension Seatpost will help you ride more comfortably on the bike you already own by smoothing out the road and letting you float over rough terrain.

It also helps you to ride farther and faster since energy that is normally wasted suspending your body is used for pedaling.

The ShockStop Suspension Seatpost provides 35mm of tunable, ultra-responsive suspension travel for the ultimate bump-eating comfort.

Features include 35mm of active suspension travel, infinitely adjustable stiffness, swappable springs and more.

US Link: https://bit.ly/3A8CxEH

CAN Link: https://bit.ly/3Emk1Lx

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