🎊 INNODEX X Gleam Double Chance Mega Airdrop Event ! 🎊

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Gleam x INNODEX Airdrop Open Event - Trade Innodex to get N3 coins and get USDT too!(RewardX2)

Total Reward: $1,500 USDT & N3 coins

🔹200 Random winners will receive 5 USDT each
🔹Top 20 Referrers will receive 25 USDT each

What is the INNODEX Exchange?

INNODEX provides the most reliable protection for exchange user's assets with its hybrid dex service.

In commemoration of the official opening of the INNODEX exchange, N3 coins can be mined indefinitely without limiting the amount of mining for 10 days.

N3 Coin, which you receive as rewards based on trading fees on INNODEX, is a coin with guaranteed principal, and it will be exclusively listed on INNODEX on December 7th.

Don't miss the chance to win both the N3 coin and USDT, the cornerstone of the INNODEX ecosystem!

※ Due to limited quantities, the event may end early depending on the mining amount.

How do I certify transaction fees?


INNODEX Login > Top Right Profile > N3 Ecosystem Capture

Can I do rotation deal?

Yes, it doesn't matter. Whatever the transaction, all you have to do is certify the transaction fee.


- You must achieve [ Transaction Fee Certification Mission] in order to receive airdrop compensation.

※ If you do not proceed with the mission, you will be excluded from the event compensation payment.

- The event schedule and operation policy of the event are subject to change.

- certification shots are reviewed directly, and if you post a certification shot that is not related to the event, you will be excluded from the winner selection.

- You cannot participate in duplicate with other events.

-All screenshots uploaded to participate in the event may be used for marketing, promotion, and second revision of INNODEX and are considered to agree when you upload the screenshots.

Learn about the N3 Ecosystem : https://innodex.io/NNN/about

N3 Ecosystem FAQ : https://innodex.io/NNN/FAQ

twitter : https://twitter.com/INNODEXofficial

Telegram : https://t.me/innodex_official

Entry Methods:

  • Follow @INNODEXofficial on Twitter
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • Join @innodex_official on Telegram
  • Learn about the N3 Ecosystem
  • Sign up for membership of the INNODEX exchange: Please submit the Metamask wallet address or email address that you connected to when you registered as a member of the Innodex exchange.
  • Enter the Metamask address to receive the USDT(BEP-20)
  • INNODEX EXCHANGE Transaction Fee Certification Mission(Fees used are rewarded in N3 coins, and principal used is preserved)
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries