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🗓Period : July 9th, 2024 ~ Aug 9th, 2024 (UTC)​
🎁Reward : $2,000USDT (BEP-20)
🙌Winner Announcement : Aug 12th, 2024
🙌Airdrop Date : TBA

🏁Random Winners🏁

$3 USDT x 250 People

🏆 TOP 5 🏆

TOP1. $600USDT

TOP2. $300USDT

TOP3. $200USDT

TOP4. $100USDT



A revolutionary looting-based battle royale AAA game

infused with blockchain technology,

enabling players to truly own and gain unparalleled rewards.

Imagine a world where Diablo's harvest isn't pumpkins,

but treasurea dark, twisted landscape where

every stalk hides a monster and every shadow

conceals a rival.

At Unlighted, we blend the thrill of battle

with the strategic challenge of resource management.

Our game transforms fields into battlegrounds and

every harvest into a fight for survival.

With a world-class development team behind us,

we are dedicated to creating an immersive,

high-stakes gaming experience where players can

reap the ultimate rewards. Equip your scythe,

tend your sinister garden, and prepare to enter

a world where every victory is a bloody bounty.

Join us in Unlighted, where survival meets farming

in the most unexpected and thrilling ways.

UNLIGHTED Official Link

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

Entry Methods:

  • Submit Your Metamask Address
  • Follow Unlighted_ULD on X
  • Repost Unlighted_ULD on X
  • Join @Unlighted_Announcement on Telegram
  • Join @Unlighted_Official on Telegram
  • Visit UNLIGHTED Webstie:
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  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries
  • Join Our Discord Server