60th Anniversary Giveaway

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Happy 60th Anniversary to us! To kick off this celebration, we will be giving you a chance to win thousands in Joe Bucks (store credit) and an opportunity to win the prototype of our limited edition sixth decade cue.

Simply follow the steps below to enter. The winners will be randomly selected each Monday at 12 pm CST until the final prize January 2. The more actions you complete, the more entries you can receive. Check back every Monday and Wednesday at 12 pm CST for new prompts and ways to win. You can also come back everyday for an extra daily bonus.

Share with your friends to receive even more! Good Luck!!

Monday, Dec 12 = 5 $100 winners

Monday, Dec 19 = 5 $200 winners

Monday, Dec 26 = 4 $250 winners and 2 $500 winners

Monday, Jan 2 = Prototype of our 6th decade cue

Entry Methods:

  • Show off a selfie of you and your Pechauer cue!
  • Enter using Instagram
  • Enter using Facebook
  • Visit our Rogue Break Shaft Page
  • Question #1: What percentage of our cues are made in house?
  • Question #2: What state is J. Pechauer Custom Cues located in?
  • Question #3: Does J. Pechauer sell gloves?
  • Question #4: What is your favorite Pechauer product?
  • Question #5: What was the 2017 People’s Choice Cue award winner, meaning “Golden” and named after Joseph’s grandmother?
  • Question #6: What is the name of our carbon fiber shaft?
  • Question #7: What joint collar is used on the JP24-S cue?
  • Question #8: What was the 2013 People’s Choice Cue award winner, meaning “paradise” and “the highest reaches of heaven”?
  • Question #9: What is our usual Christmas giveaway called?
  • Question #10: What is the Pechauer standard tip?
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  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries