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Win a Digital Download Code for Pokémon Scarlet!​

Hey everyone! Silly Drifloon here. ( ^x^ )

To commemorate my first stream, I will be giving away a digital copy of Pokémon Scarlet.

As you may have heard, Drifloon is only available in this version-- something I'm very salty about because I got Violet instead. I want the winner of this giveaway to be able to catch wild Drifloon on my behalf. Go forth and recruit more members of the Drifloon Army!

Pokémon Scarlet released on November 19th and I will be giving away a digital download code to one lucky winner! The winner will be announced on December 25th. Merry Christmas!

Please, keep in mind that this code is only valid for a digital copy of Pokémon Scarlet. You will not be able to request a code for Pokémon Violet instead. You will not receive a physical copy.

Don't forget to increase your chances of winning by entering in the various different ways provided! You can come back daily for bonus entries. Good luck, everyone. Here's a cookie: 🍪

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